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 International Student Housing

International Student Housing

Snow College offers brand new, on-campus dormitories in addition, to off-campus apartments and home-stay opportunities. Listed below are various housing options that are available to students. View for additional housing cost information.

Dormitories (On-Campus Housing)

Residential Life Suites: All suites include a kitchenette (full-size refrigerator, microwave, sink cupboards, table and chairs), two bathrooms with showers, and two sinks. NOTE: A meal plan of at least $795 USD/semester is required. 

Cooking Apartments: Each apartment has one bathroom, a kitchen/dining area, and three bedrooms. (Castilleja Hall, Snow Hall).

Non-Cooking Rooms: These are bedrooms that exit directly into the hallway with community shower/restrooms on each floor. NOTE: A meal plan of at least $795 USD per semester is required with a contract in these rooms. (Snow Hall)

Off-Campus Apartments

Apartments: Off-campus housing complexes charge between $1,600.00 and $2,100.00 per academic school year, depending on the complex. Most complexes give a discount to students who pay their rent in advance for the entire academic school year (Fall Semester and Spring Semester). Some complexes include the cost of utilities (water, gas and electricity) in the cost for rent, while other apartments charge separately for these expenses. Please read all contacts thoroughly. Students are responsible for their own telephone and cable-TV charges. Private bedrooms are more expensive.


This option is only available as needed. When a student applies for homestay, we look for an appropriate, willing family in Ephraim. If no family is available, we will give the student the option of living in an off-campus apartment, or an on- campus apartment if one is available.

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