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Housing Price Guide

Snow College provides some of the most affordable student housing in the state! There are plenty of options available, but our facilities fill up quickly so apply soon to select your desired room choice. Please give our office a call at 435-283-7280 or email email address for this person if you have any questions about pricing, payments, or room availability.

Single Student Housing: 2022/2023 Academic Year
Location *Suite Style *Traditional Rooms (Sleep Study) Cooking Apartments
Suites at Academy Square *Double 8 Person: $1,025/Semester
*Double 6 Person: $1,175/Semester
*Single 8 Person: $1,599/Semester
Anderson Hall
*Double Traditional: $925/Semester
*Single Traditional: $1,299/Semester
Castilleja Hall  
Double 5 Person: $975/Semester
Single 5 Person: $1,399/Semester
Mary Nielson Hall  
Double 5 Person: $975/Semester
Single 5 Person: $1,399/Semester

Snow Hall
Fine Arts Living-Learning Community

  • *Double Traditional: $925/Semester
    *Single Traditional: $1,299/Semester
Double 5 person: $975/Semester
Single 5 person: $1,399/Semester

Nuttall Hall
Partial Athletics Living-Learning Community

  • *Single Traditional: $1,299/Semester

Double 5 Person: $975/Semester
Single Cooking: $1,299/Semester

*Meal Plan required for non-cooking rooms. Traditional (Sleep Study) style rooms or rooms at The Suites at Academy Square are non-cooking. Meal Plans are not required in cooking apartment style housing, but students can still purchase a meal plan if they want to supplement their cooking with additional meals for convenience.
Meal Plans: 2022/2023 Academic Year

Plan A: $699/Semester (provides student with 7 swipes/meals per week)
Plan B: $1,099/Semester (provides student with 12 swipes/meals per week)
Plan C: $1,499/Semester (provides student with 17 swipes/meals per week)


Family Student Housing: 2022/2023 Academic Year
Location Semester Rate  Summer Rate
 Greenwood Hall (1 bedroom)  $1,599/Semester  $1,299/Summer Semester
 The Cottages (2 Bedroom)  $1,699/Semester  $1,399/Summer Semester
Required Fees
Application Fee Deposit Programming Fee
$50 (Non-refundable) $150 ($100 refundable at contract completion) $5 (Non-refundable, billed each semester)