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Student Connection Center

Graph of the Student Connection Hub structure

Purpose and Vision

The purpose of the Student Connection Center is to promote the academic success, engagement, and sense of belonging of every student at Snow College. We do this by connecting students to peers, support services, college personnel, and student engagement opportunities to help them thrive academically and socially and provide them with an optimal student experience. We recognize and value that every student uniquely contributes to the Snow College community and strive to help them maximize those contributions.

Staff and mentors in the Student Connection Center:

  • Act as the "hub" of all student services and opportunities—connecting all students to the campus resources, personnel, and opportunities to promote their success and holistic experience at Snow College
  • Serve as the initial connection between new students and the campuses as well as first year support through first Year Experience programming
  • Oversee New Student Orientation
  • Track deferred students and oversee the communications and needed programming to re-orient them to Snow
  • Provide holistic student success programming and education to address the needs of the whole student
  • Coordinate with other student services areas to develop and implement proactive communication planning with other key departments to promote student success
  • Proactively identify and provide outreach to students most at risk of not persisting and employ success coaching and mentoring initiatives to assist the student in overcoming potential barriers to their success
  • Enhance and manage student-of-concern referral processes (academic, family, community) and provide outreach and support to referred students
  • Manage the student withdrawal process to promote student persistence through campus support
  • Assist students through campus policies, procedures, and grievance processes
  • Act as primary contact for parent/guardian information and support
  • Help all students see that they are an integral part of the campus community and oversee multicultural programming to promote awareness, appreciation, and education for cultural diversity


We are located on the south side of the main level in the Greenwood Student Center.

In addition to housing three full-time employees and a peer mentor program, the Center plans to expand open gathering spaces to promote student connections and support student engagement programming through clubs and other organizations.

Please come and see us!