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International Student Costs

It is estimated that each student will need at least $19,000* per academic year (9 months). This does not include cost of travel. Below are estimated costs (subject to change without notice):

Tuition & Fees -
This price is for one full year, two semesters, 24 credits of undergraduate tuition and fees
$13,000 USD
Health Insurance (required) $1,000 USD
Living Expenses - room, board $5,000 USD
9 Month Estimated Total Cost: $19,000 USD
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Waivers & Scholarships

The Snow College Center for Global Engagement is committed to helping international students with their academic and personal goals. Awards are merit based on academic excellence, a history of extra-curricular and volunteer experience, and commitment to helping others. Students from underrepresented countries and individuals with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply!

  • CGE waivers are TUITION WAVERS and have no cash value. Students must be able to perform assigned leadership functions and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 each semester to maintain the award.
  • The deadline to apply for fall semester is March 1. The deadline for spring semester is October 1. Applications will be reviewed based on the date submitted.
  • Returning international students who have finished two full semesters (at lest one semester must be out of ESL in regular academic classes) may also apply. The cumulative GPA requirement for returning students is 3.5 and students must be active in global engagement activities.

Apply for a CGE partial tuition waiver. The waver amounts are $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000.

There are many other scholarships available at Snow College from different departments, private donors, and leadership opportunities.