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Level 3 Composition

Division: Humanities

Department: English/Second Language

Course: ESL 1051

Title: Level 3 Composition

Description: This course focuses on the development of well-written essays. Students will develop English writing skills by writing five-paragraph essays in at least four modal styles in preparation for English 1010. Non-native speakers of English must complete this course, score a 4 or higher on the Test of Written English (TWE), or take a written exam (graded by ESL department faculty members) before they can register for ENGL 1010 (see the Snow College catalog for more detailed information).

Courses Taught Fall 2024

1051-0015168MWF10:30 am-11:20 amPeterson, Alex
1051-0025152MWF10:30 am-11:20 amPeterson, Alex

Courses Taught Spring 2025

No courses to display for this term.