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Services Technology

Chair: Chad Price
Phone: (435) 893-2217

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The Cosmetology/Barbering Technology program is designed to prepare students for direct employment in cosmetology, barbering salons and/or prepare them to open new salon businesses.  This program includes 1600 clock time hours of instruction required by the State of Utah for licensure. Students are prepared to take the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Licensure Examination required for licensure.

Students learn to communicate with customers, analyze skin, hair and nails, perform the duties of hair cutting, coloring, styling, chemical texture services, basic skin and nail services and all other services offered in a licensed salon.

This program is intended for students interested in working in cosmetology/barbering salons as a cosmetologist, barber, nail technician, salon manager or business owner. Students earning the A.A.S. Salon Business degree will be prepared to run their own business, execute sales promotions, maintain necessary financial reports and other skills associated with maintaining a successful salon business.

Salon Business Program Outcomes

Students who complete an AAS in Salon Business at Snow College will be expected to demonstrate that they have knowledge of/and an understanding in the following areas:

  • (COSB) Principles and practices related to cosmetology/barbering skills; i.e., shampooing, styling, men and women haircutting, straight razor shaving, hair extensions, chemical texture services, haircoloring, skin care, nail services, and other material essential to becoming a successful cosmetologist/barber.
  • (Nails) Principles and practices related to nail technology skills, i.e. manicuring, pedicuring, gel, fiberglass, and acrylic application, manual and electric filing, polishing, client consultation and other material essential to becoming a successful nail technician.
  • State of Utah rules and regulations governing Cosmetology/Barbering and/or Nail Technology.
  • General sciences, i.e., anatomy, infection control, hair structure, skin and nail diseases and disorders, chemistry and electricity.
  • Assess salon work areas and practices, recognize potential safety hazards and implement accepted methods to mitigate those hazards.
  • Writing coherent reports and document client results.
  • Assess present conditions and determine the action needed to obtain desired client outcomes based on a critical analysis of situations.
  • Work effectively both individually and with others through class projects and client services through lab experiences.
  • Communicate in electronic, verbal and written formats through records, quizzes and exams.
  • Deal professionally and ethically with clients, the public and co-workers.
  • Relevant business practices and the requirements of a successful operation commonly found in cosmetology/barbering establishments.

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