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Personal Safety Tips

1.Don't use alcohol or drugs. These substances hinder clear thinking and good judgment.

2. While at parties and/or social events, don't accept an open beverage from anyone and make sure your own beverage is in your control at all times.

3. Alcohol and Drug possessing includes possession by consumption and is a violation of school policy as well as state law (if you are underage).

4. Remember there is safety in numbers. Always travel with a friend during late hours.

5. Lock your car and don't leave valuables in plain sight.

6. Lock your dorm rooms and apartments when you leave for the day or evening. Don't leave windows open or unlocked at any time when you are not there.

7. If you are victim of a crime, report it to police immediately!

8. Don't invite members of the opposite sex into closed quarters such as a bedroom. There are safer places to study and/or visit on-campus without putting yourself at risk to become the victim of a crime.

Post these numbers by your phone
Emergency 911
Sanpete Dispatch 835-2191
Snow Public Safety 283-7170
National Suicide Hotline 1-800-283-TALK (8255)