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Healthy Badgers

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Healthy Badgers 2023-2024 theme:

"A little more kindness, a little less judgement"

Healthy Badgers Mission Statement

The Healthy Badgers Coalition is dedicated to improving the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of the Snow College campus community.

Healthy Badgers Vision Statement

The purpose of this club is to promote overall wellness at Snow College, promote mental health awareness, and decrease substance abuse on campus.

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Student Leadership

Shay Noblett
Shay Noblett

Student Prevention Leader

Kylee Hanks
Kylee Hanks

Vice President

Atlas Sullivan
Atlas Sullivan

Social Media Coordiator

Fernando Munoz
Fernando Munoz


McKelle Syddall
McKelle Syddall



Samantha Thompson
Samantha Thompson

Austin Jones
Austin Jones

Kasey Shakespear
Kasey Shakespear

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Key Leaders on Campus

  • Mike Daniels
  • Rachelle Holbrook
  • Bryan Moulton
  • Larren LeFevre
  • Cidney Shinsel
  • Derek Walk
  • Fernando Montano
  • Ginny Smith
  • Karen Johnson
  • Jill Trythall
  • Nick Marsing
  • Tyler Smith
  • Barb Dalene
  • Nathan Beck
  • Sinapati Moe
  • Ken Hansen
  • Suzanne Broadbent
  • Diane Winsor

Links to Resources for Students

Trula Care
Timely Care
Wellness Center
Busters Pantry

What is CTC?

Communities That Care or CTC is an evidence-based model for coalition building that provides the structure to organize organizations, individuals and resources in a community to work together to identify and address risk and preventative factors. These factors are underlying causes of poor health and wellness. The model also provides tested and proven tools and interventions to address those factors and to increase healthy behaviors and quality of life for those served by the coalition. At Snow College, our coalition is called the Healthy Badgers Coalition.

Communities That Care Logo

Communities That Care

Communities That Care is a prevention system that guides communities through a proven five-phase change process.

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The Healthy Badgers Coalition utilizes the Social Development Strategy, which is an evidence-based framework to create real change. The strategy involves creating a space to get people involved, opportunities to develop skills, and ensuring recognition for efforts, participation and achievement. Recognition creates bonding in a community which then provides the internal motivation to follow clear standards for healthy behaviors. By following this model, our Healthy Badgers Coalition is able to effect real change in the lives of the students we serve that will last well beyond their time on campus.

Communities That Care also provides a framework for how to structure student efforts and key members of the community to maximize efforts. The Healthy Badgers Coalition is overseen by a Key Leader Board consisting of faculty and staff from across campus whose roles and interests involve seeking to improve health and wellness to enhance the college experience for Snow College Students. We also have a coalition leadership team consisting of five current Snow College students. This team is structured similarly to the standard club leadership model with a Student Prevention Leader (President), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Social Media Coordinator. These 5 students work as intermediates between the Key Leader Board and the student coalition to coordinate efforts.

Our actual coalition consists of students from all areas of campus who are interested in leading change and enhancing the lives of their fellow students. All students interested are welcome to join and participate in the coalition. Students in the coalition are assigned to specific work groups based on their interests and skills. These workgroups focus on certain areas of the coalition’s overall activities such as recruitment and retention. Activities and education, social media and PR and data collection/assessment. Coalition participation is the first step to getting involved as a coalition leader in the future.

Our Healthy Badgers Coalition is meant to be a place where students from across campus come together to make a real difference in the lives of all students who call Snow College home. Faculty, Staff, and Administration across campus are dedicated to serving the needs of the students, but it's not always easy for each of these groups to clearly understand what students are feeling and thinking. The coalition helps provide a voice for the students, and enhance our university’s ability to create a safe, fun and nurturing environment that best serves YOU! The coalition also empowers students with the tools, support, and training needed to be active participants in that effort. We also provide some great opportunities for experience that will benefit students as you move into your careers and lives after your time at Snow College ends.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Healthy Badgers Coalition and the CTC model, please reach out to our student leadership team and staff. Our information is available under the Contact Me page.

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Joining the student-led and faculty-supported coalition at Snow College is an empowering decision that resonates with a shared commitment to fostering a campus environment of support and well-being. This coalition, driven by a collective mission to combat suicide and substance use, serves as a vital platform for students. By becoming a part of this dynamic initiative, individuals contribute to a community-wide effort dedicated to improving mental health and overall well-being.

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