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Connecting to the Campus WiFi

This page will help you connect your devices to the Snow College wireless network
  1. If you are a guest, select "Badgers" (There is no password for this network)
  2. A captive portal with the acceptable use policy will automatically open, you will need to accept the terms
    • If it does not open, please open a web browser and browse to a website
  3. You now have access to the Snow College guest wireless network
Faculty, staff, or student
  1. Forget all known Snow College wireless networks (Badgers, SecureBadgers, eduroam) in your device settings
  2. Connect your device to the "Badgers" wireless network
  3. A captive portal with the Snow College Acceptable Use Policy will automatically open, you will need to accept the terms
  4. After you accept the terms you will be automatically redirected and will need to run the onboarding progam in step 5
    • Android devices - Install this app before running the onboarding tool in step 5 - SecureW2 JoinNow
  5. Run the onboarding tool from this link -
    • Android Devices - Select option 2 "Join Now" when prompted during the onboarding process
  6. You will be redirected to the Snow College authentication portal after you run the onboarding tool
  7. Enter your snow college username and password (Same user/password as Canvas and Badgerweb)
  8. Your device is now connected to "eduroam" and the Snow College wireless network
    • If you reset your device, you will need to complete this process again
ChromeOS devices
  1. User would be re-directed to the landing page of the specific network profile, the OS would be detected as Chrome OS, and you would be prompted to select “Chrome Webstore” to download the Chrome Extension.
  2. On selecting “Chrome Webstore”, you would be redirected to the Chrome Web Store and follow the instructions to install the Chrome Extension. Then return to the network profile landing page.
  3. On the landing page, click on Sign In → would redirect you to "WSo2 Login" → on successful authentication, redirects to landing page → user needs to click on "Download" which would download the ONC file and it would opens up a new Tab.
  4. User navigates to the new tab and clicks on "Choose File" and would select the previously downloaded SecureW2 ONC file, Then Click on "Open".
  5. At this point, the network profile configuration would be loaded on the Chrome OS and the user manually selects the secured network by clicking on the wireless icon, at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. A configuration window is opened and the user Clicks on connect and would get successfully connected to network.

Note: In Chromebook OS , once you import the ONC file, its an expected behavior that you would notice "no file chosen" however the network profile configuration would be loaded on the Chrome OS. Kindly try connecting to network manually and update us if that works.

Gaming/other devices
  1. You will need to register your gaming, Alexa, Roku, Google Home, and any device that won't connect to "eduroam"
  2. This can be done from another device that is already connected to "eduroam" - Click here to register
    • If you have trouble registering your gaming device, please contact the IT Department - 435-283-7099
  3. After your device has been registered you will connect to the "BadgersGame" wireless network
Please report any questions or problems to the Ephraim Help Desk 435-283-7088, Richfield Help Desk 435-893-2201, or the IT Administrative Assistant 435-283-7099.