Office Of Information Technology

We take pride in the fact that Snow College is the best two-year college. Our community of employees come together and support one another. We want to be the best at what we do. This requires well-running computers so the job gets done.


 One User Name For All Systems

Office 365 


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Help Desk - (435) 283 - 7088

Administrative Assistant - (435) 283-7099

Chief Information Officer, CIO

Director Network Services/Assistant CIO

Director Enterprise Computing & Applications

Sr Programmer/Analyst

Sr Syst Analyst/Enterprise App

Database Administrator

Sr Syst Admin/Engineer, Linux

Syst Admin/Engineer, Windows

Manager IT Services, Richfield

Syst Admin, Network/IP Collaboration

Web Syst Admin/Analyst

Syst Admin Technical Services/E-mail

Security Analyst

Multi-Media/Network Tech, Network Services

Library Operations Manager/Help Desk Manager

Systems Analyst