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Registration for Continuing Education


Students seeking to take any classes through the Continuing Education program need to fill out an application. The application process could take up to a day, generally. It also needs to be filled out if you haven't been active in a CED class within the past year. 

Once the application has been processed, you will receive an invitation email containing your Badger ID. It will also help you setup access to Badger Web. If you already have access to Badger Web and a Badger ID, you can proceed with registration once you receive notification that your application has been processed.

Once Badger Web is setup, you can proceed to registration for classes, as outlined below. Active CED students can skip right to registration.

Apply Now

Badger Web


You will log into Badger Web to register for classes, and use the CRN from the class page to find the class in Badger Web. Please watch the video below for help registering. If you have issues or need additional help, please contact our office.