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Enroll in a variety of personal enrichment courses that will teach you new hobbies or skills you're interested in learning. You will find learning opportunities designed the way you like them, relaxed and fun.

Click on the pictures below for more information. All classes are for Spring 2024 semester unless otherwise indicated.

Courses marked with ^ have a badge offered as part of the curriculum.



Individuals riding on Spin bikes

Location: Ephraim

Enjoy the feelings that come from a 50 minute Spin bike workout. All levels welcome from beginner to advanced. Each class will consist of a Spin workout plus 10 minutes to cool down, stretch and clean up.

Intermediate Clogging

Clogging Shoes

Location: Ephraim

Expand clogging experience with the club, Kickin' Up Snow. Includes performance opportunities.

Hot Rods

Classic car sitting ont the road.

Location: Richfield

This course will teach students the theory and skills required to build and modify engines, drive-trains, suspensions, and vehicles for increased performance and personal taste.

Cut Flower Gardening

Flower arrangement

Location: Ephaim

Intro to growing flowers and foliage exclusively for cutting and arrranging.

Martial Arts

A person in the middle of a leaping kick.

Location: Ephraim

Learn kick, blocks, strikes, and sparing style from Taekwondo, the submissive joint lock and self-defense of Hapkido, and basic ground defense and basic weapon training. 2 levels available

Gardening in Sanpete

A small boy walking through a garden.

Location: Ephraim

You will learn great gardening basics and local tips to improve your knowledge and skills in growing beautiful productive plants in Sanpete County. In the six week course you will learn about the local climate and growing conditions, Soils, and Fertilizer, Seed Selection, Insect Control, Weed Control and Irrigation.