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Personal Development

Self-improvement starts here. Personal health and well-being classes to help you manage your body and mind. We have options for you to create a more purposeful life, finding meaning along the way.

Click on the pictures below for more information. All classes are for Spring 2023 semester unless otherwise indicated.

Courses marked with ^ have a badge offered as part of the curriculum.


Leadership Fundamentals^

Scrabble tiles on gameboard with Leader, Team, and Success showing

Location: Richfield

Leadership is one of those topics that can be described many ways by many people, yet it is often found lacking in us. Many are put into positions where they need to have leadership skills but where do they get the training on how to lead? Find out here! 

Computer Tech and Applications^

Computer screens with spreadsheets showing.

Location: Online

Students will use Microsoft Office or Office 365 to learn the basics of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software and use all applications in a final project. Other technology related topics may include computer concepts, security, ethics, operating systems, email, Internet features, blogs, podcasts, Canvas, and other various technologies and computer applications related to a career. 

The Beauty of Boundaries

A dence in the Twilight

Location: Ephraim

It seems like a simple thing, but we simply don't establish the boundaries that can protect us. This powerful course teaches understanding, creating and enforcing boundaries and how it can make all the difference when it comes to your own personal safety.

Dating the Enemy

A couple having conversation over dinner.

Location: Ephraim

Like or not, predators are all around us. There are two types that we identify in this 3-hour workshop. This course helps you identify "The Interview" and get out in time.

Warriors in Heels

A woman poised with her right hand presented forward.

Location: Ephraim

This 4 hour interactive training/workshop is both fun and highly informative. We discuss the real world of Domestic and Sexual Violence by the numbers. We cover several defensive strikes and learn 8 - 12 grab and escape techniques that can be used in an assault situation.

Career Explorations I

A road in the foreground with mountains and a rising full moon in the distance

Location: Online

In this course we will discuss ways to explore different careers, industries, and interests that fit well with skills, personality, experience, and the interests of the individual.

Speaking and Presentations

A speaker talking to an audience in an open air cafe style setting.

Location: Richfield

Discuss principles of public speaking and developing a presentation using slides, visual aids, whiteboards, etc. We will also discuss how to engage a virtual audience.

Career Explorations II

Convergence of roads on an interstate with on and off ramps, surrounded by trees and seen from far off

Location: Richfield

In this course we will discuss each step in my book Nobility Road and implement tools within each step to help students not only know what they want to do in a career but have the tools and a career plan to implement the findings. Also includes entrepreneurship.


A light bulb being held upside down in a pair of hands, with a string of lit lights inside.

Location: Richfield

Learn topics on entrepreneurship from Ideating, to Funding, Marketing, Business Plans, Filling a Need, Networking, etc.

Martial Arts

A person in the middle of a leaping kick.

Location: Ephraim

Learn kick, blocks, strikes, and sparing style from Taekwondo, the submissive joint lock and self-defense of Hapkido, and basic ground defense and basic weapon training.

Gardening in Sanpete

A small boy walking through a garden.

Location: Ephraim

You will learn great gardening basics and local tips to improve your knowledge and skills in growing beautiful productive plants in Sanpete County. In the six week course you will learn about the local climate and growing conditions, Soils, and Fertilizer, Seed Selection, Insect Control, Weed Control and Irrigation.