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Our mission is to provide lifelong learning pathways for education, professional development, and workforce skills in our communities.

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Professional Development

The opportunity for you to take the next step in your career path. Offerings such as national certifications, work trainings, specialized workshops and career development courses are designed to help you pave your own pathway to success.

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Personal Development

Self-improvement starts here. Personal health and well-being classes to help you manage your body and mind. We have options for you to create a more purposeful life, finding meaning along the way.

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Enroll in a variety of personal enrichment courses that will teach you new hobbies or skills you're interested in learning. You will find learning opportunities designed the way you like them, relaxed and fun.

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Online classes

Snow College Continuing Education has partnered with Ed2Go to offer options for classes to be taken online, either instructor led 6-week courses or self-paced 3 month courses. Over 500 unique fundamental class options.

Instructor-led courses start generally once a month for 6-weeks. Self-paced courses can be started and worked on at you own pace, with access for a 3-month period from starting. Click on the Ed2Go image to see all the classes offered!

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Featured classes

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Speed Spanish

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Keys to Communication

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At Snow College, we understand the need for education and what is does for the lives of individuals. We also understand that some don't need or want a full academic program. Taking full classes often doesn't fit with our busy schedules. 

To assist our valued community, we are introducing a Micro-credential program to certify knowledge, skills, and abilities desired by both individuals and employees. A Micro-credential is generally a credential or certificate, broken down into smaller pieces that can be earned individually for small skills and knowledge, or earned and stacked together over time to form the larger credential. Think of it as breaking down coursework and learning into smaller pieces that fit schedules better and can give individuals the skills they need without a full semester class commitment. When completed, each successful Micro-credential program completer will be issued a badge showing learning objectives, skills taught, and the earning pathway. This will go a long way to showing potential employers and other interested parties what has actually been accomplished. This should bridge the gap between someone saying they are proficient in a particular skill and someone who has shown, based on evidence, that a skill has been mastered.

Please visit this page for a current listing of all Micro-credentials available at Snow College. 

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