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Our purpose is to provide lifelong learning pathways for education, professional development, and workforce skills in our communities.

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Professional Development

The opportunity for you to take the next step in your career path. Offerings such as national certifications, work trainings, specialized workshops and career development courses are designed to help you pave your own pathway to success.

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Personal Development

Self-improvement starts here. Personal health and well-being classes to help you manage your body and mind. We have options for you to create a more purposeful life, finding meaning along the way.

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Enroll in a variety of personal enrichment courses that will teach you new hobbies or skills you're interested in learning. You will find learning opportunities designed the way you like them, relaxed and fun.

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Online classes

As stated in our purpose, we want to provide opportunities for learning and growth in all our communities. To facilitate this, Snow College Continuing Education offers online courses and career training programs for students who need the online instruction to accommodate their personal or professional life To make it easier to find these opportunities, the online classes have been bundled together in one place. You can see them all here.

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To assist our valued community, we are introducing a Microcredential program to certify knowledge, skills, and abilities desired by both individuals and employees. A Microcredential is generally a credential or certificate, broken down into smaller pieces that can be earned individually for small skills and knowledge, or earned and stacked together over time to form the larger credential. 

Please visit this page for more information about Microcredentials at Snow College. 

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Central Utah Leaders Academy


Central Utah Leaders Academy is designed to help these established or upcoming leaders gain skills and perspectives to assist them in making the changes in our communities. Remember the past, stay true to who we are, and adapt to the future.

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Click here for information on how to become an instructor and to propose a class.

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