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Leadership is one of those topics that can be described many ways by many people, yet it is often found lacking in us. Many are put into positions where they need to have leadership skills but where do they get the training on how to lead?

We are here to help those looking. A team of trained leaders has been assembled to help those looking to understand or improve leadership skills. They come from leadership trainers at Snow College and leader's in our local organizations. Through collaboration, they have put together a training on leadership fundamentals for those looking to get a grasp on the basics.

Topics for discussion include:

  • What Leadership Is
  • Why It Is Necessary
  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Building Teams
  • Culture in and Organization
  • Conflict Management
  • Having Hard Discussions
  • Continuous Improvement

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Scrabble tiles on gameboard with Leader, Team, and Success showing

Instructor: Multiple

Cost: $500
Class limit: 12


Registration info and help, click here.