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One of our highest priorities at Snow College is to increase the amount of scholarship assistance available to incoming and returning students. Scholarships help to make students’ dreams become a reality and give them the opportunity to reach their goals. You can help lessen the financial burden for students and their families by supporting scholarships.

How to Establish a Scholarship

You can create a gift using cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, bequests, insurance, trusts, and other legal instruments. We will work with you to maximize your gift and fulfill your wishes for the award. See below information regarding named scholarships, general scholarship endowments, and scholarship endowments with donor specified criteria. Please contact us at (435) 283-7062 or email if you are interested in establishing a scholarship.

Named Scholarships

Named scholarships are created with a gift or pledge, payable within 5 years, of $5,000 or more. This means that donors have the flexibility of giving $1,000 per year for 5 years or breaking the donations out in ways that work best for the donor. Donors can make additional donations to build the fund over time to be converted to a scholarship endowment fund and earn annual interest.

Named scholarships allow donors to choose the name of the scholarship fund, and the awarding/spending criteria for the fund. Named scholarships can be given in the name of an organization, foundation, corporation, or individual.

You can create a gift using cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, bequests, insurance, trusts, and other legal instruments.

Scholarship Endowment Funds

Endowment gifts remain in perpetuity and earn interest annually, this allows for continuous funding for generations to come.

General Scholarship Endowment

Establish a named scholarship endowment with a minimum of $25,000. Annual awards go to general scholarships to support students who are most in need, as determined by the Snow College Scholarship Office. If the fund reaches $35,000, awarding/spending criteria can be chosen by the donor.

Scholarship Endowment (With Donor Specified Criteria)

Establish a named scholarship endowment, with donor specified awarding/spending criteria, with a minimum gift of $35,000. Awards are given based on criteria determined by the donor.

Scholarship funds can be established as memorial scholarships, or as ways to honor an individual, organization, corporation, or foundation.

You can make a gift using cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, bequests, insurance, trusts, and other legal instruments. If you establish an endowment fund with $35,000 or more, you decide:

  • The basic terms of the award
  • The award level
  • Who is eligible for the scholarship
  • How the recipient is selected

The most common endowment gift is a scholarship endowment fund, if you are interested in giving toward endowments that support other areas of the College, please contact Janie Harris at (435) 283-7062.

One-Time Contribution

Add your donation of any amount to an existing scholarship fund. There are already-established scholarships to support Snow College students, including a general scholarship fund and a general Foundation endowment fund.

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Foundation Private Scholarships

The Snow College Foundation provides hundreds of scholarships to Snow College students. Funds are provided by private gifts from generous individuals, community groups and businesses. The Foundation sincerely thanks all scholarship donors. To view a current list of scholarships, please click here

External Private Donor Scholarships

Many external donor scholarships are offered by private organizations and/or organizations not affiliated with Snow College. If you are a private donor and plan to send a scholarship check for a Snow College student, make the check payable to Snow College. Send the check to:

Snow College Foundation
Attn: Scholarships
150 College Ave., Box 1030
Ephraim, UT 84627

Please include the student recipient's name and Snow College ID number, as well as a contact name and phone number for the donor.

Scholarship Qualifications

Not all Foundation Scholarships are based on financial need. Students are also awarded scholarships for academic achievement in specific areas of study and community involvement. You can apply for Snow College Foundation scholarships.

Please visit the scholarship office homepage for more information.