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Jacob Thomas


Jacob Thomas

  • Asst Prof, English
  • Phone: 435 283-7475
  • Office: Humanities and Fine Arts Building, HU-HUM 100B
  • Mail Stop: HUM 1037
  • E-mail: email address for this person



My students call me “Mr. T.” Like you, I’m a Badger! I got my start at Snow College in Communications, and then went on to study English (and how to teach it) at other schools. Now I’m back, and ready to return the favor.

Places I’ve Lived: Southeast Idaho, Utah, and New Zealand.

Favorite Genres: Medieval literature, Old and Middle English, Middle-earth, Shakespeare, magical realism, and dystopian fiction. My current favorite book of all-time is Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, as translated by Edith Grossman (2003).

Favorite Movies: The Lord of the Rings series (yay, Aragorn!), Gandhi (1982), and Life of Pi (2012), among many others. Come see my collection!

Favorite People: My wife Melissa (who’s way smarter than me), our little girl Ella (who’s also way smarter than me), a few random relatives, and Viggo Mortensen.

Teaching Style: I like to involve everyone in the class and have a lot of exciting group discussions as we work out problems together. I really enjoy discussing books, and you may find that even my English 1010 or 2010 classes come with a novel or two!

Quote: “I pity the fool who don’t come to my class!”