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Philosophy Courses

ENGL  0980  Writing Basics
ENGL  0991  Beginning Writing
ENGL  1010  Expository Composition E1
ENGL  1015  Expository Comp (Extended) E1
ENGL  2010  Intermed Research Writing E2
ENGL  2014  Intermed Comp:Honors Thesis E2
ENGL  2130  Science Fiction Literature HU
ENGL  2150  Hon Intell Trad of the West HU
ENGL  2160  Intellectual Trad/West HU
ENGL  2200  Intro to Literature HU
ENGL  2210  Folklore and Literature HU
ENGL  2220  Introduction to Fiction HU
ENGL  2230  Introduction to Mythology HU
ENGL  2240  Introduction to Poetry HU
ENGL  2250  Intro to Creative Writing HU
ENGL  2260  Fiction Writing
ENGL  2270  Writing Poetry
ENGL  2300  Intro to Shakespeare HU
ENGL  2330  Children's Literature
ENGL  2360  Contemporary World Lit HU
ENGL  2410  Literature of American West HU
ENGL  2420  Literature Of The Outdoors HU
ENGL  2430  Gothic & Supernatural Lit HU
ENGL  2460  African-American Literature HU
ENGL  2510  American Literature I HU
ENGL  2520  American Literature II
ENGL  2600  Intr to Critical Lit/Theory
ENGL  2610  British Literature I HU
ENGL  2620  Masterpieces/British Lit II HU
ENGL  2650  Language In Society HU
ENGL  2660  Intro to Language Systems HU
ENGL  2800  Special Projects
ENGL  2950  Meth. Prac. in Tutor Writers
ENGL  3260  Technical Communication
PHIL  1000  Intro to Philosophy HU
PHIL  1050  Ethics & Bus. Leadership HU
PHIL  1250  Reason & Ratnl Decsn Making HU
PHIL  2050  Ethics and Values HU
PHIL  2600  World Religion HU