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English & Philosophy Department

Snow College provides a rigorous and rewarding two-year introduction to Philosophy and English. Most students who complete the recommended curriculum at Snow College transfer to four-year colleges or universities with full junior standing in the major. Our faculty includes scholars, philosophers, and creative writers who are experts in their fields as well as dedicated teachers.

The English & Philosophy Department is organized into four programs.

Students are encouraged to explore all of these areas of study as they complete general education and elective requirements. Students will also find English and Philosophy offerings that allow students to experience honors, service-learning, and Foundations classes.

Two unique opportunities are available to English and Philosophy majors. Many students enjoy tutoring in the Writing Lab. Tutoring is an excellent way to serve the campus community, and, since many English and Philosophy majors eventually pursue careers in education, the tutoring experience is a good way to gain experience. Once they have left Snow College, students who have tutored in the Writing Lab can usually find work in a campus writing center.

Many students also enjoy working on the staff of Weeds, our campus literary magazine. One of Snow’s great advantages is that students are able to pursue a staff position on Weeds during the freshman and sophomore years. At most four-year colleges, such positions usually go to juniors and seniors. Students who have worked on the staff of Weeds can usually find work on a student literary magazine or newspaper; such experiences may also lead to scholarship opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

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