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Welcome & Events Committee


Our mission is to welcome new employees into Snow College’s community in a way that fosters a sense of good will and belonging. We will create regular staff events that promote open interaction that builds our staff teams so all can feel that they are valued and an important part of Snow College


Vision Statement

To achieve its mission, the Committee will:
  • Support and/or facilitate training for new employees
  • Help new employees obtain answers to their questions and relieve anxieties related to being a new employee
  • Help new employees begin to build working relationships within the campus community
  • Introduce new employees to Snow College’s structure, history and traditions
  • Help new employees to learn the College’s core values & mission statements
  • Show each employee that their work is important to the goals and values of Snow College
  • Provide activities for the social and emotional benefit of College staff


Committee Members

Carlie Fowles "Scribe"

Tammy Hales "Chair"

Aaron Jones

Lynn Anderson

Hemi Hemara

Becca Lolo


Meeting minutes are stored on Canvas, and can be accessed through the following link: Link