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SCSA Professional Development Grant


Fall:              May 1 (for use August 1 to  December 31)

Spring:        August 1 (for use January 1 to  April 30)

Summer:    January 1 (for use May 1 to  July 31)


Eligibility and Application Process
  1.  Purpose: In support of the mission of the Snow College Staff Association, the Staff Professional Development Grant (SPDG) is designed to provide part-time and full-time staff with funding for personal and professional development opportunities directly related to their job responsibilities.
  2. Applicant eligibility: All part-time and full-time staff who have completed a temporary probationary period (if  applicable) may apply.
  3. Committee structure:
    1. The SPDG committee administers the SPDG and is composed of benefit-eligible (non-faculty) employees of  Snow College.
    2. The committee must consist of no less than 5 and no more than 7 members in the following areas:
      1. Current President of Snow College Staff  Association.
      2. Current Chair of the Professional Development  Committee.
      3. Three to five staff members as selected by the chair of the Professional Development Committee.
  4. Funding philosophy:
    1. The fund is to be used to support staff as they develop professionally in areas directly relating to their current employment responsibilities. The fund promotes professional development in  the following areas:
      1. Professional presentations and/or publication.
      2. Conference attendance.
      3. Service in professional associations or organizations.
      4. Workshop and program development for College staff.
      5. Continuing education courses for maintenance of state licenses as required for employment.
    2. Acceptable fund uses:
      1. Registration fees.
      2. Licensure  study materials.
      3. Travel expenses associated with professional presentations or conference attendance.
    3. Unacceptable fund uses:
      1. Expenses associated with activities that do not support the mission of the College.
      2. Expenses that do not relate directly to current job responsibilities.
      3. Expenses for a person that would qualify for funding from the Faculty Scholarly Support Fund.
      4. Licensure testing fees and travel.
    4. Fund Matching:
      1. The grant may match departmental funds up to $500.
  5. Application guidelines:
    1. Application process:
      1. Applications can be completed online at the Staff Association website. Multiple individuals attending the same event from the same department are considered a group and should complete group information on the application. Funding for a group may require  further information and/or an interview.
      2. Application must be completed and submitted before 5:00 pm on the due date. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Late or retroactive applications will be considered on a case -by-case basis.
      3. Applications are reviewed by the SPDG Committee and all applicants are informed of the status of their application by the SPDG   Committee Chair or designee.
      4. Accepted applications will upon request share their experience during the first ten minutes of a subsequent Staff Association Lunch & Learn.
      5. Accepted applications are required to provide a one-page report due 30 days after the travel or end of the project or by June 30th of the current fiscal year, whichever comes first. This report should explain how the award benefited the applicant, their department, and the institution. Applicants who do not complete this part of the process may not be considered for future awards.
    2. Application requirements and restrictions:
      1. Completed application form must be submitted prior to deadline.
      2. Department minimum 50% match and strong supervisor endorsement.
      3. Attach letters/emails of conference acceptance or registration.
      4. The award of funds is viewed as a contract between the staff member and the College. Any deviation from proposed use of funds is prohibited.
      5. Retroactive applications will not be considered.
      6. Eligible staff members may receive a maximum of $500 per award. There is no limit to the number of proposals that can be submitted per staff member.
      7. Recipients of awards may only apply every two years.
    3. Committee funding considerations and procedures
      1. Awards will be based on the following:
        1. How the experience will contribute to the ability of the applicant to perform their job;
        2. The practicality of the proposal in  relation to available resources;
        3. The applicability of the request to the staff member’s role at the College;
        4. The impact/exposure of employee attending the event as a representative of  Snow College;
        5. Available funding.
      2. The committee will make the recommendation to approve, postpone, or reject any application.
  6. Allocation and disbursement of  Funds:
    1. Awards are dependent on availability, proper application and appropriate approval. Application is not a guarantee of funding.
    2. Disbursement: Upon acceptance, funds will be transferred to the recipient’s appropriated  (E&G) departmental account.