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Unsung Heros

AWesome Employees of the Semester Spring 2022

CarlieCarlie Fowles, Assistant Controller

Carlie makes the College a more fun place to be.  She loves her work in the Controller’s office and loves Snow College.  She does what’s necessary to complete the tasks, including working long hours and weekends when needed.  I appreciate this question, because “enthusiastic” is a great adjective for Carlie!

During the recent changes to the Chart of Accounts, Carlie set up a personalized training area in the Controller’s office.  She is there to help each individual better understand changes, why those changes occurred, and what it means for them.  She trains student workers and has done such a good job that many are interested in coming back after they complete their degrees to work in the Controller’s office.

Carlie had a difficult task of assuming the responsibility of the Controller’s office during “The Great Turnover”.  I was particularly impressed with her ability to step up and assume that leadership role.  She had not previously been able to showcase her leadership abilities and honestly, thoroughly impressed me in her response.  She was professional, capable, and enthusiastic.

People love working with Carlie.  If accountants are stiff, boring individuals, Carlie is a terrible accountant.  But in fact, she’s an excellent accountant and an excellent teammate.  She looks for ways to help areas across campus operate better and makes it fun.

Heidi StringhamHeidi Stringham, Director of Operations and External Affairs, Richfield Campus

Heidi is the glue that holds together the Richfield campus.  She helps facilitate so many meetings, projects and events.  She is knowledgeable and detail oriented.  Heidi shows interest in students, faculty members and staff in all that she does.  She coordinates graduation, back to school events, and employee notifications. Heidi facilitates community involvement with the College by the meetings she hosts and initiatives she spearheads.  She has good relations with all of the 6 county School District Superintendents and Principals with the meetings she holds and her correspondence with them. 

Heidi is always keeping things together and being positive, even with shortages in the office staff she keeps a positive attitude and pulls up the slack and gets thing done with a whistle while you work attitude.

Heidi is outstanding at taking care of anything she is involved in at home and at work. Her jobs are many and she excels at all of them. She is the glue that holds things together and helps to organize all the loose ends to keep everyone on task. Truly an asset to Snow College and the Richfield Campus.

Staci TaylorStaci Taylor, Risk Management / Title IX Officer

Staci shows enthusiasm for her job by jumping into any and all situations.  For those familiar with the areas that Staci deals with, you understand that she has some pretty tough situations that can creep up.  Staci doesn’t shy away from difficult situations, but addresses them head on.

Staci has a tremendous, caring heart.  She cares about the students, both those that are victims in an experience and those that are accused.  She looks for ways to support each party.  She works  long hours (too long, actually) because she cares about the school  and its students. Staci approaches her job very seriously and jumps right in.  She is a recognized expert across the state and is actually someone that State Risk reaches out to.  If there were a need for legal advice from a non-lawyer, Staci would be at the top of my list. Staci is just so easy to talk with.  Her quiet voice puts everyone at ease and she is extremely genuine.  She cares about you and you feel that as you talk with her.  She is willing to support anyone and everyone, particularly those that need the most support.  She is a friend to all.



Heros for February 2022

Michelle BrownMichelle Brown - Director - Student Life and Leadership

Michelle Brown loves the students at Snow and is constantly working to help them succeed while having a good time at Snow. She not only cares about the students but truly cares about her staff in the GSC. She works very hard at keeping the building nice. Recently there was a week when we had 1700 FFA high school students in the building eating lunch. When they all left the building was a mess and there was an upcoming event that evening. The janitorial crew had left for the day. She had her staff mopping, sweeping, and cleaning the entire commons area so it would be nice for the evening event. She is always going above and beyond.

Tammy HalesTammy Hales - Campus Store Manager

Tammy Hales demonstrates dedication to Snow College and resolve to ensure responsive operations of the Ephraim Campus Bookstore. In addition to the well-organized and aesthetically appealing Bookstore environment, Tammy demonstrates commendable commitment to promoting Snow College at events. No matter the event or the amount of notice she is given, Tammy shows up and graciously provides the requested services and merchandise. On several occasions she has done so at great personal sacrifice. Her attentiveness to departmental needs and willingness to exert extra effort to support individual requests is commendable. She is thoughtful in her approach to problem-solving, 
careful in her management of bookstore operations, and responsible in her stewardship of Snow College brand quality. In addition, she takes business courses on campus to help increase her skills related to managing the Bookstore. Her job is not an easy one. She must respond to demands from many sources. Tammy does this with civility and courage even when conversations are difficult and finding resolutions is challenging. She is willing to accept feedback and work to improve where needed. Her efforts the Bookstore and at events help improve the image of Snow College to visitors. 

Vaugh OlsenVaughn Olsen - Maintenance Specialist and Boiler Operator

Vaughn Olsen fits the description of outstanding service to Snow College. Vaughn has been a Snow College employee for almost 30 years. Vaughn has a priceless wealth of knowledge about our campus, that is heavily relied upon. Vaughn is always willing to lend a hand no matter what the task and is always willing to share his knowledge of the campus with others. He is always willing to explain the How's and Why's behind various repairs or past solutions that have helped keep this campus running for years. Vaughn is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job finished, no matter what time of the day or night it is, and will stay until the job is complete. Vaughn is a true asset to not only our department, but to the college in general


Employees of the Fall Semester 2021

LisaLisa Jones

Lisa Jones is the Director of Finance and Disbursements working out of Richfield Campus

“Lisa is a rock star!” “She is always tackling business problems; it’s what she does.” These words describe Lisa Jones in a nutshell. Lisa, the Director of Finance and Disbursements for Snow College, is actively involved in many things across both campuses and extends a helping hand to everyone.

Lisa is always on hiring committees to bring in new talent to the College. She has served as a member of the team who developed the new strategic plan for the College. She has been actively involved in the process to bring housing to the Richfield campus and she has taken on additional responsibilities with the audit. She has also helped with the changes in motor pool and is a key piece to submitting our big Operation and Maintenance (O&M) report to the state each year. Her Institutional knowledge is broad, and her opinion is highly valued.

Lisa truly cares about her coworkers and students. She is always advocating fairly for students and keeps an eye on all College employees. There was a time when a fellow employee lost their spouse and Lisa went out of her way to reach out to HR and others to see if we could get her the death benefit funds-- this was huge because the policy was still in draft form and was not yet finalized. Because of her due diligence and concern for her fellow employee, administration on campus agreed with her and awarded this employee the death benefit. She also played a key role in increasing the per diem rates for meals to a level that is more in line with market rates.

Lisa always goes above and beyond. She is always positive and continually lifts others up. Lisa truly exemplifies the “Spirit of Snow” and Snow College is better because she is a part of our team!

FernadoFernado Montano

Fernando Montano is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion 

As director of Snow College’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Fernando Montano takes on many roles. He works to promote recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds, he supports and participates in events such as Black History Month and the National Day of Prayer, and he is always willing to meet with students, employees, or community members. The one thing that ties all of Fernando’s roles together is his deep commitment to Snow College and its students. As one employee stated, “Fernando truly loves Snow College and the students. He is committed first and foremost to students and their success and is very passionate in helping others understand [the] influence they can have.” Another employee stated: “A large part of Fernando’s job is to create a campus atmosphere that is welcoming to our diversity students. For example, we had students who requested a place to practice their religion on campus. In cooperation with Administration, Fernando completed the project to create a Reflection Center for students to practice their religion or use as quiet space for reflection. The Reflection Center is a symbol of the Spirit of Snow which welcomes everyone to attend our campus.” We appreciate Fernando’s commitment to all students and are grateful for his many contributions to Snow College. 

PetraPetra Brittner

Petra Brittner is one of our Concurrent Enrollment Academic Advisors

Petra has been the driving force behind our application for a special accreditation with NACEP (National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships) This accreditation would set Snow College apart from almost every other school in the nation. It is a HUGE deal, and Petra has poured her heart and soul into making it happen with her work on every facet of our application this semester. She doesn’t stop working merely because her workday is over. She strives to be there for students regardless of what time of day it is. Petra is on the Title IX Hearing Committee and devotes a significant amount of time to serving in that capacity. She probably should be paid as an ambassador for Snow College because she arranges site visits and tours for students from the Wasatch Front to come down and explore the college, and she heads up these tours herself. She makes it her business to recommend as many students to Snow College as possible because in her mind a Badger is a Badger, whether they are a HS student or not, and that makes them part of her responsibility. When students were visiting Snow College for FFA Day a few months ago, she drove clear down to Ephraim form Pleasant Grove to help organize the event and direct students (there’s a definite trend here…this woman loves to help in any way she can, REGARDLESS of what of what department she’s helping) Petra has no desire to be compartmentalized by the department she works in. Rather, she wants to be the best Snow College employee possible, and that involves the school, which is why she is always trying to be as involved in every aspect of the college’s undertaking as she can.


Hero's for January 2022

Police Department


Hero's for OCTOBER 2021

Kenny AdamsKenny Adams

Kenny Adams: Kenny works in facilities on the Ephraim campus. He is one of the reasons our campus grounds look so amazing! You will find him on a mower, in the garbage truck or driving the Walmart bus! Kenny always has a positive attitude and doesn’t ever seem to be upset. He's the quiet guy behind the scenes that keeps everything running!

Mike SorensonMike Sorenson

Mike Sorenson: Mike works in Facilities on the Ephraim Campus. Mike is a dedicated employee that always shows up to work early and is ready to go to work. Mike is very quiet but has a very funny personality that he shares with the staff each night as they eat lunch at 2 am. Mike takes pride in his workmanship and keeps the Library and Family Life buildings very clean.  He is willing to help out where needed and always has a great attitude.  Mike has worked for the college for about 30 years and can tackle any task that is thrown his way.  Mike is a true example of a worker who goes beyond his job duties and cares about his job.

Saralynn TurnerSaraLynn Turner

SaraLynn Turner: SaraLynn works in the Controller’s Office on the Richfield campus. SaraLynn is professional and projects a happy image to students and the public who come in or call for payment services.  Currently she is holding down the fort by herself in Richfield and her dedication is greatly appreciated as she answers questions or assists her fellow employees with payment questions or receipts in a kind and patient manner!

Hero's for september 2021
JackJack Dalene

Jack Dalene: It's a great time to be a student -- but a very busy time if you work in the financial aid department.  Financial Aid has taken on a heavy lift of implementing the "14 for free" deal, without adding additional personnel or help to their team.  Jack has been kind and patient not only working with students but working with surrounding staff on campus on this issue.  In addition, Jack and his team also went to Arizona at the beginning of the semester to help register the Arizona football league players.  I have seen many students walk back to Jack's office maybe confused or frustrated but end up leaving satisfied with how Jack handled their financial aid issue.  My favorite Jack quote is "murmur murmur" ha-ha he doesn't get flustered easily even though he has been doing the normal financial aid load, plus federal and state cares (which is A LOT).  I honestly believe we could not have gotten through the "14 for free" deal without Jack. The idea was fantastic but Jack was the brains behind how to get it implemented quickly and with the least amount of pain, and to his credit it helped us win "best in state". 

LamarLamar Keller

Lamar Keller: Lamar has been very effective at his daily duties and has a great working relationship with co-workers across campus.  He has been instrumental in helping with our summer cleaning projects.  He has the skills and temperament that make him an awesome supervisor for our student workers.  He has shown that he is willing to be a great example and is willing to put in the hard work necessary to provide high quality service that keeps our students, faculty, and staff safe and healthy.

Kiera HuntsmanKiera Huntsman

Kiera Huntsman: Keira is always going the extra mile for our students.  She never sends a student away without finding out the information that they need.  She is always friendly to anyone who comes in our office and is truly an asset to our campus.  She is trust worthy and dependable and our office would not run anywhere near smoothly if she was not here.


Hero's for AUgust 2021
MicahMicah Strait

Since joining the newly created Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) team in September, Micah has provided not only valuable thought leadership, but has delivered several cost effective and time saving Argos dashboards that are being used throughout the institution.  These dashboards require a deep understanding of our data systems.  Offices that have benefited from his efforts are HR, Enrollment Management, and Controllers office, just to name a few.  Micah is also a critical member of the newly created Data Governance Team that is responsible for ensuring that the data provided to senior leadership is valid and accurate, so that the leadership team can make decisions based on good data.  Micah has an attitude of "How can we make things better here at Snow?"  I'm glad to have him as part of the OIE team.

ShannonShannon Allred

Earlier this year Shannon worked on the Best of State project for the President's office. The project would not have been done on time or looked as good as it did without Shannon's help. The five awards received by Snow College are due in large part to Shannon's skill in writing. She told the story of Snow College and our amazing employees in a way that resonated on a deep level with the judges. Shannon is a great asset to Snow College in our marketing efforts.

JanJan Tiatia

If you want to get paid you will find Jan working extra hard to make sure your leave and the hourly times are entered and approved. She is very diligent when it comes to double checking the W4 information and check deposit information. Just recently Jan was given a stack of adjunct forms that their time had to be entered into Badger Web in order for them to be paid. She ended up working not only all day Friday, but also all day Saturday. This is how loyal Jan is to the employees of Snow College. Jan will bend over backwards to make sure that she has done all she can to make sure the employees are paid. I recommend Jan without hesitation for the Unsung Hero Award.

Hero's for July 2021

TraceyTracey Madsen

Tracy is a rock star. She does everything to keep our department running! She also manages motor pool on campus among a list of other duties so she interacts with everyone! She is always kind and professional with everyone and is just so great to have around!  Tracy is very knowledgeable and helpful.  She always knows the answer or knows where to get it. She always has a positive attitude and never makes you feel uncomfortable when showing you how to do something.  A worthy recipient of an “Unsung Hero” here on campus?

MeaganMeagan White

Meagan is amazing! She focuses on details but also works hard to allow flexibility when possible. Regardless of the weird financial scenarios that come her way, she does her research and finds answers as quickly as possible. She follows through and circles back to old emails to make sure that everything is still working correctly. Her office door is always open, and she is quick to laugh and connect with everyone in the building. She is a joy to work with, and truly demonstrates the spirit of growth, ingenuity, and compassion that we are known for at Snow.

ThomasThomas Thompson

During the month of February and into the first week of March, 2020, the SVC hosted 2A and 3A High School State Drill Team Championship, the 1A-4A State Wrestling championships and the 1A-4A State Basketball tournaments. Thomas was charged with all of the technical needs of the events as well as managing the part time ushers for each event and acting as liaison between the College and the concessions stand.  Thomas spent many nights after the event ended ensuring that the building was ready for the next day's event and putting the finishing touches on the lights out show that the SVC has become known for during sporting events. During late February and early March, the center hosted wrestling tournaments on Friday, February 19th and Saturday, February 20th.  Then, on Sunday, Thomas took care of flipping the arena from wrestling to basketball.  The Center then hosted 12 days of basketball starting on February 22nd and ending March 6th. During that time, not once did I hear him complain. He worked long hours, often arriving at the facility before 7:00 am and leaving after 11:00 pm.  By my calculation, they each worked over 200 hours over that 16-day period.  He deserves to be recognized as a Snow College “Unsung Hero.”


Hero's for June 2021

Kerry HanksKerry Hanks

Kerry is a valuable asset to Snow College by providing excellent customer service and always willing to pitch in for the good of the team. Kerry has a great attitude and is always willing to do what it takes to make the heating and cooling around campus work at its maximum performance levels to achieve comfortable temperatures. Kerry is always willing to tackle problems that arise and find solutions as quickly and effectively as possible and always with a smile on his face. 

MarcelleMarcelle Nordfelt

Marcelle ALWAYS has an uplifting attitude and demeanor and willingness to assist others.  Knows most answers to questions and if not, will dig until she conquers it.  Total "Brainiac"!  Whether it is in her dealings with students, coworkers or other institutions of higher learning, she is efficient, professional and just all around pleasant.   If you have the happy chance of being around her for more than 10 minutes, you will find she is hilarious and wise at the perfect times. This is what makes her a joy to work with.   She loves the students at Snow College.  She has learned a lot about the Snow College experience and she uses her know-how to answer their myriad of questions and give them great counsel when they come to the Registration Office.  She gives a lot to her position, and then she gives it a little more.  

BenBen Hansen

During the month of February and into the first week of March, 2020, the SVC hosted 2A and 3A High School State Drill Team Championship, the 1A-4A State Wrestling championships and the 1A-4A State Basketball tournaments.  As Operations Manager, Ben was charged with all of the set up and take down of equipment necessary for each tournament as well as all of the custodial efforts both during events and overnight cleaning.  During the month, Ben worked two Sunday's to ensure that set up was complete and on three occasions worked until after 2:00 am in the morning as a result of part time night crew staff not showing up for shifts. During late February and early March, the center hosted wrestling tournaments on Friday, February 19th and Saturday, February 20th.  Then, on Sunday, Ben took care of flipping the arena from wrestling to basketball.  The Center then hosted 12 days of basketball starting on February 22nd and ending March 6th. During that time, not once did I hear a complaint.  He worked long hours, often arriving at the facility before 7:00 am and leaving after 11:00 pm.  He is an Unsung Hero!


Employees of the Spring semester 2021

Donna BirkDonna Birk

Like all of us, Donna has experienced a crazy year! She has been a leading member of the covid care team taking on many extra responsibilities in addition to her own. She helped with testing, follow up, clinic visits, student moves and meals for students in quarantine to name a few. She was always running and making sure everyone was well taken care of. One staff member commented that a couple months ago they ran into Donna at Walmart on her lunch break where she explained she was grabbing a few things really quick and also a treat for a student who was in quarantine that had been very down. Another staff member commented that Donna often would take students care packages that she personally paid for or baked cupcakes for them; she has such a big heart! She has completely reworked the Snow Fun program to allow for more groups to come to campus. She is always positive and upbeat, and has worked with over 70 groups coming to campus this summer alone. Donna has shown how much she cares about our students and truly exemplifies what it means to have the Spirit of Snow!

Jon KnudsenJon Knudsen

Jon has taken on huge responsibilities this year with a smile on his face. He handles the stress well and has stepped up to manage and train other members of the team. He has taken on huge projects which are outside the scope of his MOU which resulted in huge compliments from the commissioners and state auditor's office. Jon oversees the cashier's office on Ephraim campus and has made changes in their processes to better serve students, faculty and staff at the cashier window. He also worked with IT to get bar code scanners up and running to scan student IDs to make processing payments quicker. He always has a positive can-do attitude. Jon is also a title IX deputy helping do investigations and write reports for individual title IX cases on campus. . He has made huge efficiencies in the business office and continually looks for ways to improve processes so our office can better serve faculty, students and staff. He never complains. He asks for help when he needs help. He helps others when they need it - even in areas he is not over (payroll, computer issues, etc.). He is a huge asset to Snow College and truly contributes to the "Spirit of Snow " in our office.

Wayne BushmanWayne Bushman

Wayne Bushman is an office of one, yet he takes on the work of many. As Snow College’s internal auditor, he is responsible for conducting reviews of programs and departments and suggesting areas of improvement. Although we may not know it, Wayne’s work affects us all. As one employee stated, “The work that Wayne does has a positive impact on Snow College and the departments he audits. Some of Wayne’s audits have been used as tools to transform the way we do business and to make Snow a better place.” One of Wayne’s larger projects has been the development of a campus-wide risk assessment that involved faculty and most managers across both campuses. He has also taken on significant, unplanned assignments due to COVID-19 and other unexpected events. As a member of the COVID Steering Group, he helped with the development of a campus plan and the execution of a successful strategy. In spite of his packed schedule, he has also been involved with the Snow College Staff Association and takes time to hire and train student workers. As one employee stated, “Wayne is terrific example of professionalism, hard work, and integrity.” We are fortunate that Wayne is a member of the Snow College family!


Heros for March 2021

Heidi CurtisHeidi Curtis

Heidi Curtis: Heidi is very good with our students, staff and faculty.  She works hard and tries to get food/drink items in that people request and also what she thinks will sell.  She makes the store welcoming and the atmosphere a good one.  She is an asset to the Campus store and College. She is happy to try new items if requested and gets to know the students.  Heidi adds a measure of hospitality that makes us such good hosts to our guests in Richfield and makes them feel like VIPs. Heidi’s contagious smile and happy greeting to our guests, as well as her daily customers just adds that bit of extra sunshine to our day. 

Scott AllredScott Allred

Scott Dyches: Scott is an excellent worker and is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him. He is always willing to help other on the crew and is always kind in doing it. Scott has a way with the students that I cannot even begin to describe, students love to visit with him he knows their names and always has something to say with them. I hear hey bud all day long. Scott is always so good to my dishwashing crew it is their favorite thing to do is eat lunch with Scott or go up on the line and visit with them. He has a heart of Gold. I always tell myself that we could all take a page of kindness from Scott’s book. I would really appreciate if you would consider him for this award. 

Linda LewellenLinda Lewellen

Linda Lewellen: Linda is so amazing to work with. She is really people-oriented and truly cares about the well-being of our employees. She consistently goes above and beyond in everything she does. The experience she brought into our office when she joined the team is invaluable to the success of the department. Often, she has to get into the nitty-gritty and unpleasant dealings that happen in HR, yet she still manages to keep an upbeat attitude and genuinely cares for all employees. Her people skills are exceptional and she is really just a great person to be around. Linda is so helpful to new employees.  She is friendly and always takes time to find answers to questions she doesn’t know. She is a great asset to HR because of her positive attitude and willingness to help anyone coming into the HR Office.

Brenda PringleBrenda Birk Pringle

Brenda Birk Pringle:  Brenda is an employee that goes beyond her job here on this campus.  Brenda makes sure that all her students have rides home after work at 11 pm at night or she makes sure they go home two or more together.  I have heard students comment on Brenda that she is not only a good friend but a great listener to them.  Brenda brings treats almost every night and shares them with her students.  She will several times a week buy her students a drink.  I have heard her say thank you to her students for all their help.  I have never in the 33 years that I have been involved with the college seen an employee of this college go beyond their duties and make the jobs for these students’ fun.  Custodial work is not easy and at times very messy but the positive attitude I see in Brenda shines above the things we see at night as custodians.  Many of the students are international students and they feel like Brenda is like their second mom who listens and feels the loneliness of what these students feel in a foreign country.  I have asked would you guys like to work in other buildings and all have told me no they would rather quit than leave the graham science building.  I attribute this to the way Brenda treats her students and how she treats fellow employees.  Brenda is a great ray of sunshine at night for us. She is bubbly and has a great personality and uplifts everyone who works with her.


Heroes for February 2021

Tonia LewisTonia Lewis

Tonia Lewis: Another staff member shares- I am very excited and honored to nominate Tonia Lewis for her outstanding service as our Interim Library Manager. Tonia stepped up in her new role as a manger and shined when we needed her most. She even did so during an exceptionally trying time with the circumstances surrounding the events of the year and showed superior leadership skills in supporting Snow and her employees. I specifically appreciated her innovative spirit when she created and developed a new system to support our students and employees in providing, maintaining, and checking out laptops through the library during times of quarantine, isolation, and closures. Her system was detailed but simple and enabled employees and students the opportunity to stay connected and be successful with their work and set a standard for the institution as a whole. Furthermore, she was known for being engaged, conscientious, and supportive of employees during this difficult time ensuring coverage and the opportunity for patrons to maintain access to services. More often than not at the sacrifice of her own time. During this year she continued a Snow College tradition of serving others and did her work with a bright smile and caring and kind heart. Cheers to Tonia for setting the bar high and being an employee of excellence. 

Frank MontoyaFrank Montoya

Frank Montoya: A fellow staff member said- Frank is a wonderful person and co-worker. Frank is always willing to go above and beyond and he does it with a smile on his face. He is a natural teacher and has taught both myself and my student workers so many things. Frank always seems to be available when I have questions and is always patient and kind. I have seen Frank give comfort to a student whose father passed away from COVID, even going so far as to contact the local priest on behalf of the student. Frank always has good advice and truly cares about his fellow workers and students. Frank is proud to be part of the Snow College family and it shows in his everyday actions both at home and at work. Frank leads by example and he deserves to be recognized for his hard work and dedication.

Margie AndersonMargie Anderson

Margie Anderson: One of our staff commented- The past 2 months we have lost 2 front office staff, our scheduler, AND Registrar!  Margie has stepped up and filled the roles of scheduler and registrar in addition to her duties as Asst. Registrar overseeing graduation and catalog changes.  She hasn't missed a beat and is always upbeat and happy to help students, staff, and faculty because she LOVES Snow College!  Seriously Margie bleeds blue & orange and is a great ambassador for Snow, at home and wherever she may be!  We love Margie and are thankful for her cheerful attitude - it definitely is a great example to us!

Employees of the fall semester 2020

Becky AdamsBecky Adams

Becky Adams:

 Becky goes above and beyond her responsibilities as International Student Advisor. Becky is very cheerful and treats every International Student as if they were her very own son or daughter. This past semester was exceptionally challenging, with a full-time member of the CGE retiring and the position not being filled, and his duties delegated to other office staff. Also, COVID made tremendous challenges for international students, many of them being stranded in Ephraim over the summer. Many others have to go through additional paperwork and processes to get student visas. Becky was exceptional at being flexible and helpful with her advising role, often helping students outside of normal hours. Additionally, Becky served on the COVID Care Team, coordinating testing, supporting quarantined students, doctor visits, and working with the rest of the committee to stay up-to-date on weekly changes to regulations. These committee duties often required multiple hours per day to complete, and Becky did it with a positive attitude and smile. Becky has been on several committees and is currently the President-Elect for the Staff Association. Becky is an excellent example of the “Spirit of Snow.”

Robert NielsonRobert Nielson

Robert Nielson:

Rob takes on every assignment with a can-do attitude and then empowers others to go about doing good.  Just this semester, he has transformed on-campus housing (including the elimination of an added charge over the Christmas break), helped Food Services get much-needed equipment upgrades and a catering vehicle, and immersed himself in COVID planning and execution.  He has rearranged family commitments to be where he is needed to be and does it all quietly (while managing an athletic department and all that entails). Every single decision I've seen Rob make has had the student and employees at the center.  He asks, “How does this impact our employees” or “What do students need” plus he keeps Richfield on the forefront. He has worked to take events there, and he helped the local high school athletic teams find a way to have their tournaments on campus.

Additionally, he has pushed the Richfield housing project along and championed that as a college-owned project rather than a private venture. He also rearranged his schedule so he could present to the local chamber when asked to do so. Rob has made a significant impact on our campuses.

Scott AllredScott Allred

Scott Allred:

Scott consistently goes about his work of meeting with students in therapy hour after hour every day and sees more students in a week than most therapists could tolerate.  He has a knack for helping others see their possibilities and strengths.  He doesn't like the limelight, but he is a stalwart example of dedication, care, and concern for the students.  There was a conversation in the office one day about how Scott is always fixing things in the office that get broken or need assembling and such. They started talking about he was the "fix-it guy" when a student in the waiting area spontaneously spoke up and said, "I know right-he fixed my friend yesterday in therapy."  It was a great laugh but illustrated his commitment to the students, the office, and staff.  He is a talented and experienced therapist that we are fortunate to have at Snow.  Scott also takes a personal interest in the students and talks about their hopes and dreams as they drop in the office.  He makes everyone feel comfortable and accepted and jumps in wherever he is asked on campus.  For example, when we moved into our current office space, Scott assembled several complex furniture items to help the staff members who were working on the project. I don't think I have ever seen Scott in "a bad mood" or heard him say anything negative about anyone. He is friendly and positive to all around him. He has gone out of his way to help others more times than I can mention.  Thank you for your dedication to Snow College and the students.


November 2020 Unsung Hero winners

 Mike AndersonMike Anderson

Mike Anderson: Mike is the Director of Student Support Services working with the Trio and Upward bound programs. One of our staff commented, “Mike is a wonderful boss and creates a great atmosphere for our office. He makes it easy and a joy to come to work. He is passionate about helping students become successful. He goes the extra mile by taking students to Financial Aid or Registration instead of just pointing to where those offices are located. He is kind, humble, helpful, an example, hard-working, and does it all quietly behind the scenes. He doesn't want any recognition for being exceptional at his job. He truly is wonderful and an unsung hero!”

Stacie MonroeStacie Monroe

 Stacie Monroe: Stacie is an Administrative Assistant on the Richfield campus. One of our staff commented, “ Stacie is always willing to take on any task that is asked of her without hesitation.  In her position, that truly can mean assisting in a variety of roles each day.  She has helped to make all the adjustments that have come our way this year a success.  Knowing that she is going to approach everything with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor is just another bonus for those of us that are fortunate enough to work with her every day. “

ChadChad Jorgenson

Chad Jorgenson: Chad is a Maintenance Specialist in Facilities and works on the Ephraim Campus. A staff member commented, “Chad is awesome. I think that first sentence would do, but I'll go on :) Chad is SO good at following up on emails for people who have submitted work orders. He is super organized and can do anything from welding to concrete to finish work. He helped us get ready for the new year with covid by designing and building all our wipe stands on campus because we couldn't find them anywhere! Chad also installed many of our plexiglass dividers. He also helped with a large concrete project at the AC. He is very skilled at finishing concrete, and his drawings and prep for these projects are amazing!! Everyone needs a Chad!”


October 2020 unsung hero winners

 Melissa Blackner

Melissa Blackner: Melissa is the Office Manager for Allied Health, and she works on the Richfield campus. One staff member stated, “Melissa is great. She is always on top of things, and she is professional and kind. Melissa stands up for things [when] she doesn’t agree with intelligence and integrity. Melissa is a leader and a team player. She is also kind and funny.”

Beckie Hermansen

Beckie Hermansen: Beckie is the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness on the Ephraim campus. Many staff recognized Beckie’s work during the recent accreditation and said her efforts helped Snow receive very positive feedback. One staff member stated: “Accreditation is essential to the institution, and while it is part of Beckie’s job, it is still a Herculean task. She has the responsibility of knowing the entire institution, using that information to tell a story of Snow that highlights what we do well, and guiding efforts to prepare the institution.”

Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson: Karen is the Athletics Assistant on the Ephraim campus. Karen is also the co-chair of the COVID Cares Team. One staff member said “Karen has been a rock star with all of the extra work put on her during these very unusual last two semesters.” Another said she “has gone above and beyond to provide services to those affected by the virus and possible exposure. She has maintained clear communication at a time when details change often. … Our community is a better place because of her.”

Our winner in the drawing for a free lunch is Jane Mathisen!

September Unsung Hero Winners

Michael Lewellen

Michael Lewellen: Mike always goes above and beyond to help others. Whether it's with his own fellow employees, the professors on campus, or the patrons who visit the library. He is always so willing to help in any way he can. During the shutdown he would take hours out of his day to accommodate people in any way he could to be able to use the library services. He would come and let people in by appointment and meet one on one to help them. He gives 100% everyday! He is always coming up with new and helpful ways to improve services to fit the needs of the students and faculty, so the library can be as helpful as possible. He is a great supervisor and treats everyone like family.

Jim Bob Pipes

Jim Bob Pipes: Jim Bob does so much behind the scenes every day that goes unnoticed. From creating new web pages to updating small bits of information, he works hard to keep our website current. As with most of us, Jim Bob's job has been especially hectic with all the changes due to COVID, but I've never heard him complain or act put-out when someone comes to him with a new request. He handles each request professionally and as quickly as one human can possibly can. He is always kind in his responses and humble about his abilities. There were multiple occasions where he was asked to have the website prepared for town hall meetings and to meet other deadlines with very little advance notice.  Jim Bob was amazing to work with and on multiple occasions stayed up at night in his hotel room while on vacation to help meet our needs.  He goes above and beyond the call of duty all the time.

Chrissy Ray

Chrissy Ray: Chrissy, has taken on most of the registration duties while many in the registration office have left for other employment opportunities.  She is doing the work of 4+ people!! She still has a great attitude about coming to work -- and let's be real still a bad ass while doing it all.  She doesn't complain about the extra work load or STRESS (especially being the first of the semester). 

Employee of the Spring semester 2020 award winners

ChaseChase Mitchell


Chase is especially deserving of this recognition because of the COVID-19 issues. All Snow College courses needed to go online almost immediately. Without Chase’s willingness to work extra hours, train all faculty, and adapt quickly we would most likely not have been successful last spring. Chase has gone above and beyond during this pandemic. He spent hours training and helping faculty convert their course to online delivery using Canvas and other tools. He uses his knowledge and expertise to the benefit of all Snow College students. Whether it is related to Canvas courses, technology and equipment or teaching, he has been an asset to the College and prepared us to progress and change as we need, to continue to thrive and grow at Snow. He enjoys being given a problem to fix and is willing to help with committees or anything asked of him. We could not have gotten through our recent transition as smoothly as we did without Chase. He is truly someone working behind the scenes to make the Snow College experience better for faculty, staff and students. Chase will certainly be missed. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement! 


DonneDonne Hewko


Donne’ runs a 60+ club community for Snow College.   She wrangles SBO’s, she manages multiple budgets, she listens, she moms, and she creates events with almost no prior notice.  Her moral compass is accurate. She is kind as well as good. Donne’ looks at what is needed, and goes out of her way to provide extra help.  She is known to drive to Manti to retrieve her own generator because a DJ has the wrong power supply.  Donne’ can create an event, arrange marketing, book a space and coordinate with administration in a couple days.  She holds multiple club advisor trainings each semester.  She always makes time for one on one trainings when advisors can’t do it. She never expresses exasperation, she is always friendly and encouraging. She serves on the CARE board and the Staff Association board.  She trains employees and SBO’s on office functions.  She tracks Buster’s Pantry and manages multiple Student Life budgets and the P Cards.  Donne’ consistently goes above and beyond for students, faculty and staff!  She always looks for positive solutions to serve our students. She is a very kind person.  Service is in her nature.  Every day she exemplifies the “Spirit of Snow” in her words and actions.


AnnetteAnnette taylor


Annette is always a team player looking out for what is best for Snow College and our students.  She is always willing to help and support other departments.  She leads a great team that makes the Badger Den one of the best places to eat in Ephraim.  Annette always make sure that every event she caters is done with class and professionalism.  She is dependable and always greets people with a compliment.  She goes above and beyond to make sure our students don’t go hungry.  She has spent her own resources to provide needed supplies for her staff as they moved from cooking to cleaning dorms.  She has a deep concern for students and would not sleep if she knew of a student who was hungry and she could have helped them.  She is willing to do whatever is asked of her to make the college a better place-especially for our students.  Annette is involved in several committees and has assisted in developing policies and procedures that have impacted the entire campus. She can see things that need to be done long before most people see an issue.  Annette is an expert in the food services area and we are so glad we have her here at Snow College.

 Employee of the Semester award winners FAll 2020

 Christine Hanks 1

 Christine Hanks with her supervisor, Tim Chamberlain

As the Administrative Assistant for the Small Business Development Center and the Business Department, Christine has many roles and responsibilities. One staff member stated: “Christine does it all, from catering meals (that she doesn’t have to) to helping students jump a dead car battery. She trains student employees and believes in them. She is the go-to person for all questions relating to anything. … She goes above and beyond in every sense AND manages to be nice while doing it.” Christine is also the chair of the SnowFit committee and helps keep Snow employees healthy and happy.


Matt Green

Matt Green with his supervisor, Leslee Cook

Matt is the Grounds Supervisor and works in the facilities department. As one employee stated, “Matt is willing to help wherever needed. Some days, he wears up to five different hats, all while managing the grounds crew and helping to maintain this beautiful campus.” Matt has been known to patch a flat tire for other employees and take Christmas shifts for others. Matt serves as campus fire marshal, and he drives the bus each week for the Global Engagement, taking international students to and from the store. In addition, he is President-Elect for the Snow College Staff Association.


Marie Lister

Marie Lister (right) with her supervisor, Heidi Stringham

Marie is the Administrative Assistant on the Richfield campus, and she has been described as “the glue that keeps Richfield Campus together.” One employee said, “I appreciate how she goes out of her way to reach out to patrons and ensure that they have the information they need for a quality experience. … Marie is one of the most pleasant persons I have met.” Another employee stated, “I have spoken with many others, and everyone sings the praises of Marie! She is very knowledgeable, and collaborative. Her peers consider her extremely capable, organized, and helpful to everyone she has contact with.”

Employee of the Semester award winners Spring 2019

Becky WelchBecky Welch

Becky Welch is Snow College’s payroll administrator. Those who nominated her mentioned her positivity and willingness to help anyone at any time.

For example, Snow College recently learned about some tax law changes pertaining to international students. Instead of making each student go to the IRS and deal with the issue themselves, Becky took it upon herself to develop a plan to help these students.

As one staff member said, “She is always patient and positive in all she does and has a strong dedication to the college and students. She is an example of professionalism, staying to accomplish her job no matter how long it takes.”


Jesse Brattonjesse bratton

Jesse Bratton as a network technician in the IT department, Jesse Bratton works with many faculty and staff.  He is always friendly, helpful, and very good at solving problems. One staff member stated that “Jesse always answers concerns and addresses IT issues very quickly and cheerfully. He has found a solution for every problem that we had.”

Another employee stated that “Jesse has the ability to see what needs to be done and accomplish it before he is even asked. There have been several times I have asked him to complete a particular project, to which he would respond “that’s already been taken care of.’” He added, “I could choose anyone in the Snow College IT Department and ask them how well they get along with Jesse and I guarantee all of them would say “great”! Jesse works will with anyone he associates with.”

 Alex Petersonalex Peterson

Alex Peterson as director of the Center for Global Engagement, Alex Peterson is committed to developing an excellent, nationally recognized program. 

Alex’s main focus is on supporting international students. One staff member said “[Alex] is fully dedicated to the students from the moment they arrive until they go back home. He takes time to take them to the doctor, he invites them home for dinner, and he arranges for any kind of service they may need on campus and off campus.”

According to another Snow College employee, “Alex is one of the great strengths of this College.”

List of previous Unsung Heros:

August 2020

  • John Stevens (Retired)
  • Loren Thompson
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Cazier

March 2020

  • Colton Welch
  • Jackie Jackman
  • Ken Blackburn
  • Jon Dyches

January 2020

  • Shirlene Albee
  • Jan Cragun
  • Aaron Jones

December 2019

  • John Clark
  • Haylee Gadd
  • Landon Peterson

November 2019

  • Cindy Avery
  • Pennie Mickelson
  • Rachel Wade

October 2019

  • David Breck
  • Rachelle Hollbrook
  • Shawn Lindow
  • Jordan Watts

September 2019

  • Laura Adams
  • Don Mackey
  • Mark Roberts

August 2019

  • Carissa Dowsett
  • Mike Duncan
  • Staci Taylor

July 2019

  • Delvonie Kidder
  • Marie Lister
  • Ian Spackman

June 2019

  • Denise Duncan
  • Jon Knudsen
  • Eric Roberts

No Unsung Heroes were selected in May because the Employees of the Semester were awarded that month.

April 2019

  • Fernando Montano
  • Jeff Sirrine
  • Becky Welch

March 2019

  • Preston Bown
  • Sherry Nielson
  • Jim Case

February 2019

  • Bonnie Edwards
  • Michelle Grover
  • Melinda Jacobson