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One User Name


Dear Students,

We are writing to let you know about two important changes to Snow College’s information systems: Your user name will change, and how you receive email from Snow College will change.

Effective this Friday, May 20th, your new user name will be: firstname.lastname.  Your password will continue be the password you currently use to log into our computer labs. This user name will be used to access every system at Snow College. You will no longer be required to remember a separate BadgerID and PIN in order to access Canvas, BadgerWeb, or any other system. This should make it easier to remember your user name and password. 

Your new email address for all official Snow College correspondence will be This is not a new email account. Rather, it is an “alias” to any other email address(es) at which you wish to receive your official communications. You can change the address(es) to which your email alias forwards by editing your forwarding list at:

These addresses were gleaned from your application to Snow College, your FAFSA, your badgermail account, and any changes to email you may have made on BadgerWeb. You may reduce the number of email addresses to which email is forwarded by using the link mentioned above, but you must maintain at least one forward to a single address at any time. You will continue to be obligated by Snow College’s policies to check your email on a regular basis for official notices.  If you have any questions, please call us at 435-283-7099.



Snow College IT Office