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Business Courses

ACCT  1200  Basic Income Tax Preparation
ACCT  2010  Financial Accounting
ACCT  2020  Managerial Accounting
BUS  1010  Introduction to Business
BUS  1020  Computer Technology/Applicatio
BUS  1060  QuickBooks for Small Business
BUS  1110  Digital Media Tools
BUS  1170  Human Relations in Organizatio
BUS  1200  Business Careers Seminar
BUS  1210  Personal and Consumer Finance
BUS  1270  Strategic Selling IE
BUS  1300  Social Media Marketing
BUS  1400  Projects in Social Entrepren.
BUS  1510  Photoshop
BUS  1600  Entrepreneurship Seminars
BUS  1700  Prof Business Leadership I
BUS  1997  Business Internships I
BUS  2010  Business Computer Proficiency
BUS  2050  Business Law
BUS  2200  Business Communication
BUS  2222  Entrepreneurship
BUS  2450  Presentations for Business OC
BUS  2650  Management Prin/Entrepreneurs