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Snow College Farm and Ranch Management

The Farm/Ranch Business Management Program is an educational effort to assist farm families in achieving business and personal goals. The focus of this program is to improve the profitability of the farm/ranch business by keeping detailed production and financial records. Instructors conduct monthly on-the-farm training visits with individual farm families. The actual farm/ranch transactions are entered into a computer where monthly and annual printouts can be generated. Cash flow projections/analysis, income tax planning, management decisions, and loan applications become much simpler with current information. Management of a farm/ranch is primarily a decision-making process. The purpose of this program is to give you the tools to better work through that process. The program is designed to be spread over two or three years, depending on the farm/ranch family’s computer and basic business skills. Farm/ranch families may enroll at anytime during the year, but it is recommended that they enroll at the beginning of their financial year. Instruction is two to three hours once a month (more if necessary) at the farm/ranch site with some group meetings held to discuss and give instruction on topics of common interest. All financial and production records and other information are kept strictly confidential between the instructor and the farm/ranch family.

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