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Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention


Campus Crime Watch Program

The campus crime watch program is a group of concerned students, faculty, and staff members interested in preventing criminal activity ina nd around campus. They want to pro-active in making the college community a safe place to learn and live. This program is designed to organize the campus community to look out for one another by reporting suspicious activity to the police. Additionally, this program wil help educate our college community on how to better protect themselves against being the victim of a criminal act. For more information call Public Safety at 283-7170.

Self Protection From Assault

At home, keep your doors locked when you’re alone – night or day. Don’t let strangers in. Don’t leave a door unlocked for someone planning to come later. When walking outside, dress for easy movement. Don’t weigh yourself down with a large purse or backpack. Be careful when giving information or directions to strangers. There is safety in numbers. Try to walk with a friend whenever possible. When in your car, keep your doors locked while driving. Don’t pick up hitchhikers or give rides to people you don’t know. Park in well-lighted areas whenever possible. Protect yourself when out by watching your drink and not drinking something you didn’t open yourself. If attacked, keep in mind that your goal is to escape safely. Cooperate if you think resisting could lead to further harm or endanger your life.

Student Housing Watch

This program is community based. Volunteer residential assistants or coordinators work directly with Snow College Department of Public Safety and Ephraim Police Department to organize and direct this program. The volunteers are equipped with the latest crime prevention techniques provided by enforcement, which will help student know how to protect themselves and their property. Student neighbors learn to watch out for each other and maintain a good communication link with police. For more information on this program, call Public Safety at 283-7170.

Bike Registration

Students, faculty and staff will be able to register their bikes with Pubic Safety. This registration includes the bike's description, model, and serial number. This will remain on file in the case of theft. For more information contact Public Safety at 283-7170.

Personal Property Identification

Theft is one of the most widespread criminal activities on college campuses throughout the United States. To reduce theft at Snow College and to assist in the recovery of stolen materials, Public Safety encourages all members of the college community to participate in "Operation Identification" by putting permanent identity tags on all personal property. For more information, call Public Safety at 283-7170.

Safety Escorts

Safety escorts are available on campus between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. during the school year and 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. during summer and holidays. If you need an escort for safety reasons or concerns between these hours, please page campus security at 1-800-202-5555. An on-duty campus security agent will return your call and provide you with a safety escort to your destination. For more information, call Public Safety at 283-7170.

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