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Snow College will be closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving.

Officer Policy

10.6. Off Duty Employment Policy

10.6.1 No sworn member of the department may engage in off duty employment as a private security officer.

10.6.2 With the approval of the Chief of Police, sworn member may be employed as a part time law enforcement officer for another State, County and/or City law enforcement agency. When the officer(s) are employed by another law enforcement agency, they are working under that agency’s policy, procedures and compensation process as defined in UCA53-13-114(3).

10.6.3 Snow College Public Safety will hire only certified police officers to work special events for the college. In doing so, these officers are employed by Snow College as a police officer and work under our policies, procedures and compensation process as defined in UCA 53-13-114(3) as a part time employee of Snow College.

10.6.4 With the approval of the Chief of Police, sworn members may engage in outside employment that is not private security in nature and that employment is not considered a conflict of interest with the employee’s position as a law enforcement officer with Snow College. All sworn officers must have off duty employment approved by the Chief of Police. Any employment that is viewed to be a conflict of interest with their law enforcement position with the department will be addressed with the requesting employee during the approval process. If off duty employment is denied, the officer may appeal the Chief’s decision to the Vice President for Student Success.

10.6.5 All part time employment is reviewed annually by the Chief of Police.

10.6.6 If a private group conducts an event on the property of Snow College and that event is in need of police presents as determined by the Director of Public Safety or his designee, that group will be required to cover all costs to have a College Police Officer(s) at their event. Those costs will include the officer(s) salary, benefits and administrative cost, etc.