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Eddy Christensen

Snow College Public Safety Officer & Police Sergeant

Eddy Christensen

Office: 435.283.7172
Mobile: 435.340.0676

Eddy came to Snow College in 2018. Before coming to Snow College he worked security for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His law enforcement career was spent working at the Saratoga Springs Police Department and Sandy City Police Department. Prior to coming to Utah he worked in the county jail in Jackson, Wyoming. Eddy has been a high school resource officer, DARE officer and started the Citizens Academy and volunteer program in Saratoga Springs. He has a Master's Degree in Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. He attended the FBI academy. Eddy and his wife Marcie have had three kids attend Snow College.

For more information about Snow College Public Safety, or to contact Campus Police, call 435-283-7170