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Phase 5 - Goal Conference

In the final phase of the planning process, the task force meets in a goals conference to draft strategic goals for each of the concept paper themes and action plans to achieve each of the identified goals. The steering committee drafts these goals informed by the stakeholder perspectives and preferred future developed in the vision conference. The drafts of the strategic goals and action plans are reviewed by the President's Cabinet, College Council, and the campus community; the task force will use the resulting feedback to refine and finalize the goals and action plans.

The final goal statements and action plans will be clearly written and concise, no more than one or two pages for each strategic priority. Financial commitments, when necessary, should be clearly identified. The President's Cabinet is responsible for implementation and timing of the specific actions contained in the strategic plan. Implementation of the strategic plan will begin in 2021, with action to be taken on at least three strategic goals during that calendar year.