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Core Themes, Goals, and Objectives

Core Themes, Goals, and Objectives



Snow College, through an inclusive process of discussion and decision-making with faculty, staff, and students, has defined three Core Themes, reflecting its Mission, has established an overarching goal and a set of assessable objectives for each Core Theme.  The three Core Themes have been approved by the Board of Trustees and serve to guide the College’s decision-making, strategic initiatives and actions, and continuous improvement endeavors for the academic year 2011-12 and forward. 


Core Theme I: Tradition of Excellence

Goal: Snow College honors its history and advances its rich traditions of learning by providing a vibrant learning environment that empowers students to achieve their educational goals.

This core theme is linked to five objectives:

1.   Students completing degrees or certificates demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes identified for the degree or certificate they receive.
2.   Students achieve their intended educational goals at Snow College.
3.   Students succeed when they transfer.
4.   Students succeed in the workforce when they find employment in their chosen field.
5.   Exiting students are satisfied with the services provided by the administrative departments of the College.


Core Theme 2: Culture of Innovation


Goal: Through initiatives that create and sustain a college-wide culture of innovation, Snow College encourages and supports innovation by developing dynamic teaching, learning, and engagement experiences for students, faculty, and staff, as well as for the larger College community.

This core theme is linked to four objectives: 

  1. The College creates a cultural “blueprint” that encourages innovative curricular and co-curricular practices.
  2. The College supports a culture of innovation by allocating a portion of its resources to promote inventive responses to needs identified during regular assessment procedures.
  3. The College seeks out, analyzes, and incorporates new/best practices to promote/maximize student success.
  4. The College creates a culture of innovation by encouraging creative and original thinking among its students.

Core Theme 3: Atmosphere of Engagement

Goal: Snow College creates learning and service opportunities, locally and globally, to engage students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities.

This core theme is linked to four objectives: 

  1. The College develops the whole student through wide-ranging student-centered activities and experiences.
  2. The College creates collaborative discipline-specific professional engagement experiences among students and faculty.
  3. The College connects with and enriches surrounding communities.
  4. The College fulfills its regional stewardship role by helping to establish “sustainable regions” defined as “innovative economies, livable communities, collaborative governance and social inclusion.”