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Snow College Mission & Roles Statement

Snow College Mission:

Snow College continues a tradition of excellence, encourages a culture of innovation, and cultivates an atmosphere of engagement to advance students in the achievement of their educational goals.

Snow College strives to fulfill its mission by:

Honoring its history and advancing its rich tradition of learning by providing a vibrant learning environment that empowers students to achieve their educational goals, encouraging and supporting innovative initiatives that create dynamic learning experiences for the college community, and creating learning and service opportunities, locally and globally, to engage students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities.

Approved by the Snow College Board of Trustees, February 16, 2011 and the Utah State Board of Regents, July 15, 2011

Snow College Roles:

Building upon a tradition and heritage of academic distinction and personalized attention, Snow College fills the following roles:

1. Snow College serves as one of the nations finest two-year transfer institutions with a focus on liberal arts and sciences, and maintains cooperative relationships with distinguished colleges and universities.

2. Snow College enhances the economic development of Central Utah through partnering with business, industry, government, and community to provide high-demand professional, career, and applied technology education.

3. Snow College enriches the educational, cultural, and recreational life of Central Utah through community and continuing education opportunities, cultural and athletic events, and community outreach services.

4. Snow College is dedicated to helping individual students achieve their academic goals through a caring, personalized learning environment, providing comprehensive student success services, library and learning resources, and targeted supplemental and developmental education programs.

5. Snow College is focused on developing the whole student and encourages student involvement in a wide variety of co-curricular activities, service organizations, service learning opportunities, academic and special interest clubs, athletics, and student leadership opportunities.

6. Snow College welcomes all who will gain from or contribute to its educational and student-centered environment including individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

7. Snow College partners with higher education institutions that offer baccalaureate and graduate programs in select disciplines for the citizens of Central Utah.