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Snow College will be closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving.

Honors Graduation Requirements

Core Honors Classes (6 hours)

All honors students should take
Intermediate Composition: ENGL 2014 - Honors Thesis
(This class replaces English 2010 in the General Education requirements)

English 2150 - Intellectual Traditions of the West - Ancient World


English 2160 - Intellectual Traditions of the West - Modern World
(These classes fulfill Humanities General Education requirements)

Other Honors Classes (6 hours)

Art 1050 - Honors Basic Photography (Section H01)

Biology 1050 & 1055 - Honors Human Biology & Laboratory (Sections H01, H02)

Honors 2850 and 2852 - Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

Communication 1020 - Honors Public Speaking (Section H01)

Political Science 1100 - Honors American National Government (Section H01)

Other Classes

Many semesters, the Honors Program offers other one-time honors classes. Consult the list of honors classes for the current semester for details.