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Honors Committee

The Snow College Honors Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Snow College Honors Program and its director(s). All interested Snow College faculty committed to the mission of the Honors Program are welcome to serve on the committee as voting members.

Program Co-Directors:

Larry Smith

Tony Smith


Elected Division Representatives:

Humanities: Andrew Bashford

Social and Behavioral Science: John Davidson

Natural Science and Mathematics: Dave Love

Fine Arts and Communication: Mckay West

Business and Technical Education: Becca Chappell


Faculty Senate Liaison:

Alan Christensen


Other Committee Members:

David Allred

Mark Andreasen

Jonathan Bodrero

Sheryl Bodrero

Mike Brenchley

English Brooks

Lindsay Chaney

Becca Chappell

Craig Dunn

Renee Faatz

Matthew Gowans

Scott Jackson

Weston Jamison

Melanie Jenkins

Amy Jorgensen

Rachel Keller

Adrian Peterson

Liberty Peterson

Jon Pugmire

Jed Rasmussen

David Rodriguez

Michael Salitrynski

Nicole Taylor

Jacob Thomas

Kellyanne Ure

Whitney Ward

Greg Wright

Steve Zollinger