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Characteristics of a Snow College Honors Class

Honors classes do not simply distinguish themselves from regular classes by being harder (though they should be challenging). Instead, they should be characterized as being interactive, small, and/or innovative.

To be approved as an honors class, a course must

Honors classes may also contain some of the following characteristics:

Students may use an honors contract (with the permission of the instructor and honors director) to make one non-honors class count toward the required honors credits. If a student undertakes an honors contract, he or she must propose a project that replicates at least two of the honors characteristics listed above.

Students who wish to receive Snow College honors credit for college-level courses taught at a high school or at another higher education institution must provide the honors director with a course syllabus. To be approved for honors credit, the course must have matched this definition of an honors course and have been offered as part of a college-level honors program.