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Course Syllabus

Course: MUSC 4901

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media
Department: Music
Title: Senior Capstone

Semester Approved: Spring 2020
Five-Year Review Semester: Summer 2025
End Semester: Fall 2025

Catalog Description: This course provides students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and skills necessary for completion of all tracks of the Bachelor of Music with Emphasis in Commercial Music, and is required of all students pursuing the degree. The course is project based; students will propose and complete projects designed to show their abilities and present these in a public forum, either live or online. Examples of these projects might include solo performances, audio or video recording of works, or the preparation of an online portfolio. In addition to completing the project, will learn or apply the skills necessary to present the project, including necessary computer, print, design, and marketing skills necessary to present their materials to the public.

Semesters Offered: Fall
Credit/Time Requirement: Credit: 1; Lecture: 1; Lab: 0

Prerequisites: Completion of all BMCM junior level courses, or permission of the instructor.

Justification: The purpose of this course is to aid students as they transition from college to the workforce, or graduate school. This course is also where students codify and synthesize the skills obtained during their study.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will develop an online and social media presence.  Students will create at a minimum a website and a Facebook or social media page musicians page.

Students will develop a plan for the senior recital or project, identify a faculty panel, and get the faculty panel's approval for the recital or project.  Students will obtain signatures of the faculty panel on the Senior Recital Plan Approval Form.

Students will assemble the materials for application to three graduate programs.  Students will submit the materials as a written assignment.

Students will develop a portfolio representative of the skills obtained in the BMCM program.  Students will submit the portfolio as a written assignment.

Students will develop professional bios, and resumes.  Students will submit materials as an assignment.

Students will meet with industry professionals This outcome will be assessed through classroom participation.

1. Develop a plan for the senior recital or project.2. Meet with industry professionals3. Develop a portfolio that shows skills mastered while in the BMCM program at Snow College4. Create an online and social media presence 5. Understand the role of unions in the music industry6. Investigate employment opportunities7. Seek information about the graduate school application process

Key Performance Indicators:
Written Assignments 20 to 30%

Portfolio 20 to 35%

Web and Social Media Submissions 15 to 30%

Senior Recital Plan 30 to 35%

Graduate School Materials Submission 10 to 15%

Pedagogy Statement:
This course utilizes a combination of direct instruction, student presentations and research, class discussion, and question and answer sessions with industry professionals.

Instructional Mediums:

Maximum Class Size: 30
Optimum Class Size: 25