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senior recitals

Senior Recitals:

Performer Date & Time Location
Braden Eddington  Saturday, February 17, 5:00pm Larsen Recital Hall
Bradley Baum Thursday, February 29, 7:30pm Larsen Recital Hall
Rachel Draper Friday, March 15, 7:30pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Makayla Blosch Saturday, March 16, 1:00pm Larsen Recital Hall
Olivia Mortensen Saturday, March 16, 3:00pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Corey Roberts Saturday, March 16, 7:00pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Emilie Lewellen Friday, March 22, 7:00pm Larsen Recital Hall
Sam Weis Saturday, March 30, 1:00pm Larsen Recital Hall
Alec Blosch Saturday, April 6, 1:00pm Larsen Recital Hall
Allison Jester Williams Saturday, April 6, 3:00pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Faris Litster Saturday, April 6, 5:30pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Kierra Price Saturday, April 13, 1:00pm Larsen Recital Hall
Annica Magnusson Saturday, April 13, 3:00pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Megan Begay Saturday, April 13, 5:00pm Larsen Recital Hall
Marie Sorenson Saturday, April 13, 7:00pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Mia Condie Flinders Saturday, April 20, 11:00am Jorgensen Concert Hall
Avery McGee Saturday, April 20, 1:00pm Larsen Recital Hall
Aiden Jonas Saturday, April 20, 3:00pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Eduardo Arce Saturday, April 27, 3:00pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
Helen Bess Saturday, April 27, 5:00pm  Larsen Recital Hall
Chih-Hsun Kao Saturday, April 27, 7:00pm Jorgensen Concert Hall
DeShawn Casraiss Wednesday, May 1, 7:30pm Larsen Recial Hall