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Wind Symphony - An auditioned group of approximately 50 players. The Wind Symphony studies serious literature for band and wind ensemble and provides an atmosphere of excellence for those who desire to improve their performance skills. The group generally tours and performs concerts each semester.

Symphonic Band - A non-auditioned group which performs standard literature for band and gives students the opportunity to progress in their performance skills. The Symphonic Band performs concerts each semester.

Badger Pep Band -A highly visible, non-auditioned group that supports Snow College athletic events.

Jazz Ensemble - An auditioned ensemble of approximately 18 players that performs jazz literature from a variety of jazz, latin, and rock/funk fusion styles.  Jazz Ensemble I performs concerts each semester and tours each year. The group has competed in the Reno, Fullerton, and Lionel Hampton Jazz Festivals.

Chamber Music

Snow also offers a number of small ensemble experiences.  Students enrolled in these ensembles will have the opportunity of close, personal coaching by experienced faculty.  These ensembles offer students the opportunity to develop their personal performance skills in ways not available in larger ensembles.  These ensembles include:

  • Brass Quintet
  • Clarinet Choir
  • Flute Choir
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Sax Quartet
  • String Quartet
  • Trombone Ensemble
  • Woodwind Quintet
  • Jazz Combos


Cadence Chamber Choir - a 32-voice auditioned mixed choir that sings music of all imaginable genres – “the classics” (Ancient, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary), modern choral music (octavo), and all kinds of popular music (Jazz, Rock, R&B, Country, Musical Theatre, etc.). Cadence supports the mission of the School of Music’s thriving Commercial Music Degree program by providing students varied opportunities to perform music of all kinds. As one of Snow College’s premier vocal ensembles, they perform regularly throughout each semester, both on and off campus.
Membership in Cadence is open to all Snow College Students by audition.

Advanced Women’s Choir - is a variable-sized, highly skilled Treble Choir that sings music of all kinds. As one of Snow College’s premier vocal ensembles, they perform regularly throughout each semester, both on and off campus.
Membership is open to all Main Campus students by audition.

A Cappella Choir - is a 120-voice mixed choir that provides all students the opportunity to experience the thrill of singing at Snow College. Although no audition is required, singers must be able to sing tunefully. The A Cappella Choir performs on at least two concerts each semester, on Founders Day and at Commencement. Membership is open to all students on the Main Campus.

All campus choirs perform in the annual “Christmas Spectacular”. Choirs also provide musical support for many on-and-off campus events throughout the school year.

Auditions for Cadence Chamber Choir and Advanced Women’s Choir take place at the start of each semester. Very little preparation is required. Singers will be asked to:
· Vocalize to determine voice range;
· Sing a song, aria, hymn, or patriotic song (sing with provided accompanist, or with your own recorded track);
· Demonstrate tonal memory (we play a short melody, you sing it back);
· Demonstrate music-reading ability (sing a short melody using any method – solfegi is preferred).

Commercial Music Ensemble

The Commercial Music Ensemble is a capstone experience for students completing the Bachelor of Music with Emphasis in Commercial Music degree. Students in this ensemble transcribe, arrange, produce and perform in a variety of commercial music genres. The ensemble is required for seniors in the bachelors degree program. Other students are free to audition.


Symphony Orchestra - A full symphony orchestra. The Symphony Orchestra performs a wide variety of classical symphony literature in concerts given each semester. The Symphony Orchestra has also toured Eastern Europe, performing in some of the finest concert halls in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

Chamber Orchestra - An auditioned string orchestra taken from the Symphony Orchestra. This select group performs great pieces of string literature and gives students the opportunity to develop their performance abilities in a mature setting.