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Course Syllabus

Course: MUSC 1760

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media
Department: Music
Title: Woodwind Methods and Pedagogy II

Semester Approved: Fall 2019
Five-Year Review Semester: Summer 2025
End Semester: Summer 2025

Catalog Description: This course teaches the fundamentals of playing and teaching the single reed instruments of the woodwind family. It is optional, but strongly encouraged, as it satisfies the instrumental music education major's requirements at most four-year institutions.

Semesters Offered: Spring
Credit/Time Requirement: Credit: 1; Lecture: 2; Lab: 0

Justification: This course is an important requirement in an instrumental music education degree. Most other institutions in the state offer this course beginning in the freshman year, generally at the 1000 or 2000 level. A student may take this course at any time during their four-year career. However, offering this course at Snow enables students to be further ahead when they transfer.It also serves students who are attempting to complete the pathway to licensure through Weber State University.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will learn to play basic exercises and solos on the clarinet and saxophone. Students will perform playing tests on assigned materials. The professor will provide written or verbal feedback .

Students will demonstrate the ability to teach basic concepts of clarinet and saxophone playing.  The teacher will provide verbal or written feedback to the students.

Students will demonstrate the ability to diagnose and fix common problems in beginning to intermediate saxophone and clarinet player's performances. The professor will provide written or verbal feedback to students.

Students will learn and write about the history of the clarinet and the saxophone.  Students writing will be assessed by the instructor in written form.

Students will learn about resources available in the form of books, articles, websites, people, and businesses that could help a student as they enter the classroom and begin teaching. Students will create a document of these resources that will be critiqued by the professor.

This class teaches students how to teach the fundamentals of good clarinet or saxophone playing including tone production, embouchure, hand position, fingering, technique, blowing and breathing, intonation, reed selection, and vibrato. Students will learn to play these instruments at a junior high level.

Key Performance Indicators:
Playing tests 10 to 30%

Written assignments 10 to 30%

Teaching demonstrations 10 to 30%

Written exams 10 to 30%

Representative Text and/or Supplies:
Essential Elements for Band-Book 1-E-flat alto saxophone
by Tim Lautzenheiser, et. al

Standard of Excellence-Book 1-B-flat clarinet
by Bruce Pearson

Pedagogy Statement:
This course will be delivered via direct instruction. The students will be participating hands on by learning to play each instrument. Some days will be lecture or demonstration by the professor on various topics.

Instructional Mediums:

Maximum Class Size: 15
Optimum Class Size: 10