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Course Syllabus

Course: MUSC 2626

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media
Department: Music
Title: Private Woodwinds II

Semester Approved: Spring 2019
Five-Year Review Semester: Fall 2024
End Semester: Fall 2024

Catalog Description: Private Woodwind II continues the instruction received in Private Woodwind I. Students receive individualized instruction in how to play the woodwind instruments. Students will develop proper technique and perform appropriate literature.

Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring
Credit/Time Requirement: Credit: 1; Lecture: 1; Lab: 0
Repeatable: Yes.

Prerequisites: Private Woodwind I and permission of the instructor

Justification: This course is a required class in the Bachelor of Music degree for all music majors who play woodwind instruments. This course would also allow students to successfully transfer to other 4-year institutions. This course is a requirement of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to play sophomore level scales, arpeggios, and other technical exercises. Assessment of technique will take place in each lesson and at the jury at the end of the semester. Students will be given verbal and written feedback.

Students will perform sophomore level literature in a masterclass/recital. Students will gain an appreciation for music from a variety of time periods and genres. Students will be given verbal feedback about their performance.

Students will perform in front of a faculty jury.  Students will be given written feedback.

Students will continue developing their individual technical and expressive abilities on their instrument. This will be achieved through the study of technical etudes, scales, arpeggios, tonguing exercises, and through representative literature.

Key Performance Indicators:
Preparation for weekly lessons 10 to 50%

Recital performance 10 to 30%

Jury performance 10 to 30%

Representative Text and/or Supplies:
Printed music on an individual basis. Solos, etude books, etc. Some materials may be available online for download. Others will need to be purchased by the student.

Pedagogy Statement:
This is a highly individualized course. Professors will model correct techniques and students will imitate the professors. Weekly assignments will be given focusing on the fundamental skills necessary for good woodwind playing.

Instructional Mediums:

Maximum Class Size: 1
Optimum Class Size: 1