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Course Syllabus

Course: MUSC 2226

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media
Department: Music
Title: Advanced Women Chorus, Year Two

Semester Approved: Fall 2016
Five-Year Review Semester: Fall 2021
End Semester: Fall 2022

Catalog Description: This course will provide group training in a variety of music literature appropriate for women's chorus. Enrollment in this course is by audition. Those registering are expected to participate in major activities of the department. This course is repeatable for credit.

Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring
Credit/Time Requirement: Credit: 1-3; Lecture: 3; Lab: 0

Justification: Besides providing training for the voice, the choir is an excellent venue for students to feel part of a group. Vocal music majors are required to perform in a choral group each semester of their program both at our institution and at transfer institutions. The choir credit transfers as an elective performance credit for both the major and the non-major.

General Education Outcomes:
5: A student who completes the GE curriculum can respond with informed sensitivity to an artistic work or experience. Students will increase their knowledge of musical periods and the social/cultural aspects of those historical periods by studying this music and its composition. They will demonstrate this increased knowledge in an essay.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of each semester of this course, students will be able to accurately perform the music selected by the director. This music will represent quality literature from different historical periods and styles. The students will demonstrate their understanding of the technical and stylistic demands of this music through performance in concert.  

Students will be able to respond more sensitively to a masterwork which they have rehearsed, having discussed text, dynamics, phrasing, conditions under which it was composed, and performing it to an appreciative audience. Video and audio recordings will be made of these performances. These recordings will then be reviewed and critiqued as a group to improve the next performance. Each student will also write an essay critically responding to their individual performance. 

A variety of choral music, written for women's voices, will be studied, rehearsed and performed. Correct vocal techniques will also be studied during the rehearsal process. Information on the historical setting and the style of the musical period will be given during rehearsals.

Key Performance Indicators:
Students will show mastery by performing in concerts each semester. Prompt and regular attendance will be essential to a passing grade (70%-80%). 

Students will be asked to write a short essay on how learning and performing has added to their knowledge of music performance practices, vocal techniques, and historical periods. They will be asked to comment on the experience as a whole (20%-30%).  









Representative Text and/or Supplies:
Music for this course will be taken from the Snow College music library.

Pedagogy Statement:

Maximum Class Size: 60
Optimum Class Size: 40