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Private Woodwinds II

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media

Department: Music

Course: MUSC 2626

Title: Private Woodwinds II

Description: Private Woodwind II continues the instruction received in Private Woodwind I. Students receive individualized instruction in how to play the woodwind instruments. Students will develop proper technique and perform appropriate literature.

Courses Taught Fall 2022

2626-0015:00 pm-5:00 pmCastellanos, Christina J.
2626-0025:00 pm-5:00 pmCastellanos, Christina J.
2626-0055:00 pm-5:00 pmJohnson, Madeline
2626-0065:00 pm-5:00 pmJohnson, Madeline
2626-0075:00 pm-5:00 pmWiley, Jessica A.
2626-0085:00 pm-5:00 pmWiley, Jessica A.
2626-0095:00 pm-5:00 pmFlorin, Lucas
2626-0105:00 pm-5:00 pmFlorin, Lucas
2626-0115:00 pm-5:00 pmBaird, David C.
2626-0125:00 pm-5:00 pmBaird, David C.
2626-0155:00 pm-5:00 pmCornelius, Patrick

Courses Taught Spring 2023

No courses to display for this term.