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6 Tips for Successful Online Learning

  1. Log in to your classes early and regularly

    Log in to your classes as soon as you can after they open. Read the syllabus and other course materials so you know what to expect over the course of the semester. If you aren’t already familiar with Canvas, don’t be afraid to click around to get familiar with the system.

    Once you get a feel for the class, it’s tempting to just log on once or twice a week when you know an assignment is due. However, just like traditional courses, due dates and assignments can be changed. By logging in more regularly you’ll be sure to never miss an assignment or message from your professor.

  2. Get organized

    Figure out when and where you will do your online classes. Online courses are flexible, but that also means they are easy to put off. Set a specific time for each of your classes and stick to your schedule. Then decide where you will work on your classes. It can be your favorite comfy chair, the kitchen counter, or a quiet corner of the public library. Keep everything you will need in one spot so when it’s study time, you can just grab it and get started. Nothing will derail you faster than spending the first ten minutes of your study time searching for your calculator.

  3. Check your email and Canvas messages regularly

    From time to time there will be information from your professor or the school. These will be sent through email, Canvas messages, or posted on the announcement section of Canvas. It is your responsibility to check regularly so you don’t miss important information.

  4. Get to know your professor

    Even though you may never meet your professor in person, it’s still important to get to know them. Don’t be afraid to send them an email introducing yourself or to ask questions about the course. Make sure that you reach out to them as you have questions or need help throughout the semester. They are there to help.

  5. Use the free tutoring resources

    Every class has access to, which is free to students and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can get help on almost any subject: from chemistry and math to writing and grammar to communication and job skills. To access the tutoring, go into your course on Canvas and click on 24/7 Tutoring on the left navigation bar.

  6. Set a goal

    It’s not uncommon to have days where you feel like you’ve hit a wall and want to give up. If you have an educational goal set, it’s easier push through the hard times. Is your goal to get an associate degree to be more marketable? Are you taking a few classes to brush up on some of your skills so you can go for that next promotion? Maybe it’s a personal goal to finish the degree that you started so long ago. Whatever your reason, keep it front and center of your mind to help you get through the tough times.