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Graduation Application

For general graduation information, see the Graduation page in the Catalog. 

The primary method for applying to graduate is via Badger Web. If you have already an active graduate application on Badger Web and would like to apply for a second degree, please fill out the Graduation Application PDF and submit it to the Graduation Office (Room 222 in the GSC or To apply to graduate via Badger Web:

  1. Log into Badger Web at
  2. Search “Graduation” in the search box.
  3. Click “Apply to Graduate.”
  4. “Curriculum Term Selection”: select the semester you declared your major or entered your degree/program.
  5. “Curriculum Selection”: select the degree you are seeking.
  6. “Graduation Date Selection”: select the date you wish to graduate.
  7. “Diploma Name Selection”: select or enter the name you wish to be on your diploma.
  8. “Diploma Mailing Address Selection”: select or enter the address to which you wish the diploma to be mailed.
  9. “Graduation Application Summary”: review your application and then press “Submit Request.”

After you press “Submit Request”, you will be taken to a website to pay for your graduation application. Your application is not complete and entered into our system until you have paid for it.

For details about the commencement ceremony, please see

For more information, click Graduation Information or call 435.283.7143.