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The Accelerated Online Learning Program Will Transition to Early College Online - Fall 2023

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Students can submit prior learning assesments in order to receive credit at Snow College. Acceptable forms of prior learning include:

Credit for prior learning will not be assessed for the purpose of receiving credit for a course in which Snow College does not offer. Additionally, credit will not be awarded if it duplicates credit that has been previously earned. Credit for prior learning is recorded on a Snow College transcript as Transfer Credit awarded as Credit for Prior Learning and will receive a TR or transfer grade. This grade does not affect the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Transfer credit and Proficiency credit will incur a service fee charge of $10 per credit. Proficiency credits of prior learning may incur associated exam or portfolio review fees. Federal financial aid and employee tuition reimbursement may not cover prior learning assessment fees. Please see our official Credit for Prior Learning page for additional information.