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  • Badger ID is required to pick up ANY package.
  • Mail Services will not be held responsible for the spoil of perishable items shipped to students. Any item received by Mail Services that appears to be perishable will be given 5 days to be picked up. After that, the piece will be destroyed.
  • If you will be ordering medication that requires refrigeration, please speak to Mail Center Management and they will make arrangements to accommodate your need.
  • Students are required to check for mail at least once every 2 weeks during the academic year. If not checked, Mail Services reserves the right to deactivate registration and return all mail. We reserves the right to return any unclaimed mail or packages after 30 days
  • When a student leaves Snow College, they need to stop by Mail Services and let us know they will no longer be receiving mail at Snow College Student Mail Center. Once a student leaves it is the STUDENTS responsibility to communicate their new address to ALL contacts. The address listed above does NOT qualify for any forwarding services.
  • If a student leaves for the summer, registration will remain active but all mail that has not been picked up after 30 days will be returned to the sender.
  • Individuals that are married to a student but are not a student themselves will need to know the spouse’s student number to pick up the families mail.
  • If you have children that will be receiving mail, please be sure that all senders know to put “C/O Your Name”.
  • If you have special circumstances concerning names please contact Management.
  • Be sure to use the same name for registration and shipping.

Faculty & Staff

  • Only mail and packages directly related to Snow College business purposes will be sent or received using the Richfield Courier.
  • ALL Ephraim incoming packages will be processed through the Ephraim Mail Center and then delivered to departments. ALL Ephraim outgoing packages must be received by the Mail Center and not directly to the Courier.
  • ALL Richfield incoming packages will be processed through the Richfield Mail Center and then delivered to departments. ALL Richfield outgoing packages must be received by the Mail Center and not directly to the Courier.
  • Any packages that are time sensitive can be arranged for special delivery or pick up by communicating with Mail Services.
  • During winter break and summertime, mail will be delivered as scheduled, for buildings that remain open and have workrooms available to leave mail. If the building or workroom is locked we will deliver mail when it is reopened. During these breaks, employees are welcome to pick up their mail in the Mail Room.
  • Departments must notify the Mail Room by phone or email, when package(s) are being delivered that may be hazardous, require refrigeration/freezing, or need special attention.
  • Should a Faculty or Staff member desire to receive email notifications for incoming packages, they will need to register for this service. Registration can be done here.
  • Campus communications involving official campus business will be delivered to campus mail boxes. Only official campus correspondence is to be sent through campus mail in "campus communications" envelopes.
  • Do not send campus mail to just a name; department is required.
  • Please separate and flag mail going to campus addresses. This prevents campus mail being charged postage.
  • Mail Services is designed to care for Student and official college mail. Should college employees wish to have personal mail sent to work, they need to make prior arrangements with Mail Services.