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Advisement Class Help Sessions

Help sessions are a service provided to aid students who need additional support outside of the classroom setting. Each session has a leader, a student that has successfully completed the class or someone currently enrolled in the class and doing very well.

Students are required to come to the help session prepared to study and with as much homework completed as possible. Do not attend a help session expecting the help session leader to complete your homework for you.
Once a help session has been requested it may take several days to finalize the details. The Student Success Office will contact your class instructor with information concerning the days and times of your help session. Help sessions are also listed on the Snow College publicity monitors.

Help sessions in the past have included but are not limited to:

  • BIOL 1010 – General Biology
  • BIOL 1050 – Human Biology
  • BIOL 2420– Human Physiology
  • CHEM 1010 – Introductory Chemistry
  • CHEM 1110 – Elementary Chemistry
  • Math 1040 – Introduction to Statistics
  • Math 1050 – College Algebra
  • PHSC 1000 – Interdisciplinary Physical Science

NOTE: Help sessions are cancelled if there is a lack of interest.
To request a help session, contact the Snow College Student Success Office, GSC room 241 or 435-283-7324  or via email at  ude.wons@tnemesivda