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Snow College | Snow:Vision

phase 1

A task force for the strategic planning effort will be appointed. The task force will have 21 members who reflect the diversity of the College and its campuses. Veteran and early career faculty from each academic division will comprise more than half of the task force. Administrative, professional, and classified employees from the various vice presidential areas will round out the task force membership. Members should be hard workers and good thinkers who reflect the college’s standard of excellence.

The strategic planning task force will utilize a proven model developed through two separate resources blended for this effort. Collaborative Strategic Planning in Higher Education, Patrick Sanaghan, 2009, NACUBO (National Assoc. of College and University Business Officers), and Prioritizing Academic Programs and Services – Reallocating Resources to Achieve Strategic Balance, Robert C. Dickeson, 2010, Jossey-Bass Publishing. 

During initial task force meetings, members will become more familiar with Sanaghan's five-phase process and will learn about and participate in some of the interactive techniques that will be used to gather data and solicit ideas from the College community and other stakeholders.

President Wyatt appointed two co-chairs to lead the strategic planning effort: Melanie Jenkins, Professor of English, and Marvin Dodge, Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services.