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Science Building

Snow College was just granted the funding to build a new science building. The project is expected to begin within the next three years, and will improve the science program’s effectiveness.

The state legislature held the Snow College science building as the number one building priority. Out of 58 potential buildings in the state, who requested funding, the science building was one of eight that was granted money.

Building a new facility will provide students with new and updated laboratories and classrooms; such items are essential, especially for the nursing students attending Snow College.

The project, in total, will cost up to 23 million dollars, which has been fully funded by both the state of Utah and private funds donated to Snow College.

When the science building was first built, in 1972, there were only 700 students attending Snow College. Looking ahead, however, the school is predicting up to 6,000 students using the science facilities within the next few years.