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Carl Purcell

Carl Purcell

Watercolor Fundamentals

This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of the watercolor medium. It will include methods on how to control basic washes using the white of the paper, how to utilize shape and a full range of values in a painting, and how to get the most out of your brushes. Exercises will be implemented to improve technique in the beautiful liquid fluidity of watercolor pigment. We will spend one day outside painting in plein air. This workshop is open to participants at all skill levels.

Studio Fee: $25


“My principal desire has always been to understand how we process the visual information which enters our brain through our eyes. I found that we first process visual information as patterns and shapes in a spatial context and then identify and process it as data. Art allows me to focus on the patterns and shapes that can be arranged and manipulated to create pleasing compositions.”

Carl Purcell is an art educator and Professor Emeritus at Snow College where he taught for 30+ years and continues to teach as an adjunct instructor since his retirement. Carl was born in Utah, raised in Arizona, and completed his MFA at Brigham Young University. Watercolor has been Carl’s primary medium, although he has done many works in oil and acrylic. He is a popular watercolor workshop instructor, and has conducted workshops from California to Virginia, and in Scotland and England. He has produced many instructional videos and is the author of Your Artist’s Brain, a compilation of two books, one on watercolor painting and one on drawing, available at Penguin Random House Publications. Carl’s emphasis has always been on helping others have a successful experience in the art of drawing and painting. To this end he is also the co-founder of the Summer Snow workshop experience. Carl Purcell is an Honor Member of the Utah Watercolor Society, and a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society. Carl has earned numerous awards and his paintings hang in many private and institutional collections.

Facebook: @carlpurcell