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Brad Taggart

Brad Taggart

Portrait Sculpture

In this class participants will discover that if you can draw, you can learn to sculpt. Portrait sculpture is very challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Come and join us for an exciting week of immersion into the art of sculpting, and discover the joy of playing in the mud. In this course we will engage in a comprehensive discussion of portrait sculpture from ancient through contemporary times. We will learn various modeling techniques, and armature and tool construction options. We will use direct measurement, as well as angle, size, and position relationships to aid in capturing a likeness in any scale. We will work from a live model as well as from photographic documentation to achieve the final piece.

Studio Fee: $50


Brad Taggart loves all things sculpture, but at his core he is a portrait and figure sculptor. He received his MFA in sculpture from Brigham Young University. Brad is a commissioned artist with works in several public and private collections. His most recent public work is a sculpture of Sanpete Valley’s namesake, Chief Sanpitch, for Mount Pleasant, Utah. Brad lives in Sanpete County, Utah with his wife and four sons. He is a Professor of Sculpture at Snow College.